Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 10-5

The next morning brought the now-familiar group of villagers, this time with breakfast. After dropping off their loads, the dwarf said, “The council will see you when you’re done with breakfast. Fellthien and Gwinthel here,” he gestured at the elven guards, “Will escort you when you are ready.”

Thank you,” Garkhen said, with a nod at the dwarf.

They ate quickly, then left the fenced yard. Zakhin’Dakh again just stepped over the fence (the guards seemed a bit worried by this). The pair of elves led the three companions through the village, the big griffon looking curiously at everything around him, to a long, low building next to the opposite side of the stockade.

Almonihah looked back at his big friend. “Sorry, don’t think you’ll fit,” he said.

“Perhaps the doors or a window could be left open?” Garkhen suggested, looking over at the guard next to him.

“You can request such of the council,” the guard replied, opening the door for the two half-dragons.

Grumbling, Almonihah followed Garkhen into the council hall. It was clear the room they entered did not occupy the whole building, but it was still quite sizable. The six council members they had seen before were seated around half the arc of an oval table, facing the entrance. Two men with staves stood slightly to the sides of the table—men Almonihah was almost certain were Druids.

The elven councilwoman stood as they entered, gesturing to a seat and a stool on the other side of the table. “We greet you this morning, with apologies that your griffon friend will not easily fit within our hall.”

Almonihah pointed at the doorway they had entered with his thumb while he walked forward to take a seat. “Could leave th’ door open.”

The elf glanced at the other council members, none of whom indicated dissent. She then nodded at the guards at the doors, who stopped closing them and instead opened them wider. Zakhin’Dakh screeched appreciatively and settled down, sticking his head in to watch and listen.

The councilwoman stayed standing until Almonihah and Garkhen had taken their seats, then sat down herself. “We have discussed amongst ourselves, and we have agreed to aid you on a single condition.”

“We must see this artifact you carry.” 



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