Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 6-4

Garkhen sighed and turned back to the Rangers, tired but ready to pursue after his friends to do what he could to aid him. He only had time to see the Commander, bloodied and battered, look behind him in shock before something crashed into him, bearing him to the ground. He felt teeth close around his neck, but his armor saved him from death. But even through his armor, he felt a sickly heat starting to burn his flesh.

With a great heave, the half-dragon threw his assailant off, then turned to face it. It was a Javni’Tolkhrah, of course, this one vaguely lupine in shape, but with six legs, long claws, and a cruel, twisted face. Vile purple flames flickered about it as it moved, its limbs moving impossibly fast as it darted back and forth, looking for an opening.

Garkhen tried to follow its movements, but he was slow and unskilled in war, while the beast was swift and cunning. It got to his side and darted in, teeth screeching on armor as its aura again tore at him. The Warder turned, trying to bring his mace to bear on it, but it darted back before he could strike. As it danced back, Garkhen opened his mouth and exhaled a bolt of lightning. That caught it off-guard, and it howled in pain and staggered backward, a scorched spot clear on its fur.

The half-blue dragon took advantage of the break to call upon Bahamut. While he dared not ask for the greater blessings of his god in his fatigued state, he did ward himself against flame. That was all he had time for, as the beast leaped at him again, not trying to flank him this time. He brought up his shield just in time to intercept it, its claws scrabbling on the metal as its toothy maw snapped inches from his face.

Then it leaped back as he swung his mace at it, and again began dancing about him. Garkhen was not certain how long this continued—it was clear the beast was trying to tire him, and it was succeeding. At last, desperate, the Warder dropped Silverflame, seized his holy symbol, and held it aloft, chanting a spell-prayer. The Javni’Tolkhrah, sensing an opening, leaped at him… only to be met with a searing beam of holy light. Its howl of pain cut off abruptly as the beam burned away its head.

Garkhen collapsed to his knees, panting, utterly spent. He was only dimly aware of the sounds of combat behind him…


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