Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 12-3

Before anyone could respond, a loud voice cried out from the pavilion. “Everyone, in your squads!”

What followed could only very charitably be called ordered, but somehow the little groups of champions got themselves organized. Once the noise died down somewhat, the voice shouted again.

“We have discovered that the source of this Infernal plague is within the city, in the neighborhood of the great Cathedral of Mashano. We suspect that they have desecrated this holy place, and made it the center of whatever dark rituals are bringing more of their kind here.”

“We have also found that the enemy is thinly stretched to defend the city. It appears they may have sent the bulk of their forces against us yesterday. As such, we think that a strike directly at the heart of their operation will likely destroy their ability to reinforce themselves, after which the remnants here will be comparatively easy to dispatch.”

“Each of your squads has its place in this plan. Couriers are now passing your orders to you. The army itself will seek to draw off as much of the enemy force as we may, but without your success, our chances are poor. Good luck, and may whichever god you follow bless your efforts.”

Soon a courier handed a roll of parchment to Jesil. He unrolled it to find several separate sheets. He motioned to his companions, indicating a spot a few yards away that was a little bit quieter and less crowded.

Once they were gathered, he spread out the sheets of parchment. Most were maps, save for one with orders.

“We are to go to the main entrance of the cathedral,” Jesil read, “and enter if possible.”

They were all quiet for a moment.

“Into the very heart of the foe,” Khera murmured.

Tirel nodded. “Well, I guess that means they think we have the best chance, right? We should be flattered.”

“What of the maps?” Garkhen asked, feeling he would rather not discuss the meaning of their selection for this mission.

“They outline possible routes through the city to our target,” Mirthin replied, quietly. “It seems we are somehow to be placed in this square here, for all routes lead out from it.”

Jesil looked back at the orders, this time reading all the way to the bottom. A certain stiffness entered his pose as he finished. “We are to enter the city by being carried by the dragon.”

Tirel laughed, to the surprise of the others. “Well, I guess they’ll know we’re there!”


Dragons are not known for subtlety.

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