Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 13-5

Zakhin’Dakh brought back part of a mountain goat, so Almonihah had something to eat, and left some for Garkhen. The big griffon settled down afterward and soon was napping, but Almonihah couldn’t stay still. He was too tense, too conscious of just how much was at stake… not to mention it was still mid-afternoon. While they’d fought hard, Almonihah wasn’t really tired, at least not in the way that would lead to sleep anytime soon.

So he scouted ahead a bit. He’d been nervous about stopping looking at tracks, but as far as he could tell, more people had walked this way recently. Sure, he couldn’t guarantee they were the same people, but who else would they be? He did wonder a bit about why they were walking, though. They clearly had powerful wizards among them—why not use magic? Almonihah couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that there was more going on here than they knew, and that it was going to bite them just when they could least afford it…

He returned when the sun was reaching the horizon, having seen no more enemies, but plenty of tracks. Zakhin’Dakh met him in midair.

There you! He shrieked happily when he saw his half-bronze dragon friend.

I was just looking around, Almonihah called back as he flew nearer. Didn’t see the bad guys, though.

Not see when hunt either, Zakhin’Dakh agreed.

Is Garkhen awake yet?

Yeah! He wake up! Me too, but not see you, so come look.

Sorry, I couldn’t sleep, Almonihah replied as they neared their campsite.

Garkhen waved at them as they approached. “I am glad to see you well,” he said to Almonihah as the other half-dragon came in for a landing.

“Thanks,” Almonihah grunted.

“I apologize that I slept so long. If I but had more endurance…”

“Stop.” Almonihah snapped. “’f it weren’t for your wards we’d all be dead twice by now. So don’t be sorry that you can’t carry a mountain, too.”

Garkhen blinked, taken aback by his friend’s gruff admonishment.

Almonihah didn’t give him time to come up with an argument. “Moon’s mostly full tonight, ‘nd it’ll be up soon enough. ‘f we fly for part of the night we might catch them camping.” He paused. “Though I think we might find ’em already in th’ Madlands.”


Yeah, Garkhen doesn’t accept his own limits well. 

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