Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 11-2

One of the Midport ships closed quickly, while the other hung back somewhat. As it drew near, Almonihah could make out several people watching warily from the prow, well-armed and armored. They soon saw him… or maybe Zakhin’Dakh behind him, which caused a stir among them, but no weapons were raised.

Once the ship was nearly alongside theirs, it executed an impossibly agile turn (some of the sailors muttered about the mages of Midport showing off) and soon was next to them, matching their speed.

“We’re coming aboard,” shouted one of the group. “Keep your hands where you can see them, and that beast under control.”

Hey! Zakhin’Dakh shrieked, indignantly.

“Calm down, Zakhin’Dakh. He’s just being a typical human,” Almonihah said, pitching his voice just loud enough to be heard on the other ship.

“You’re welcome aboard,” the captain called back, trying to head off any kind of confrontation. “Much more welcome than those ships behind us.”

One of the men on the other ship waved, and a translucent archway formed between the two ships. Across it walked about a dozen men, most clearly men-at-arms, but a couple dressed in the robes of magi. One of said magi walked straight towards Almonihah, past the captain and the others waiting to greet them.

“You are the dragon-man that passed through our city some time ago, yes? And that is your griffon. But there was not another dragon-man with you,” he stated, looking at Garkhen.

“Ah, no,” Garkhen agreed gently. “I only recently became acquainted with Almonihah and Zakhin’Dakh. Having been born in the south, I have never before had the opportunity to visit Midport.”

“Hmmm,” the mage replied, eyeing them suspiciously. “And what brings you to Midport with pirates in your wake?”

“These dragon-men, as you call them, and their griffon friend, saved us from the pirates,” the ship’s captain explained. “We’ve escaped in one of the pirates’ ships, which likely explains why they’re after us.”

One of the armored men laughed. “Stole back one of the ships they stole, did you? That’ll rile them up, that’s for sure.”

“Hmmmm,” the robed man eyed them all again. “And what were these dragon-men doing that they were in position to be freeing pirate captives?”
“Trying t’ get t’ Midport,” Almonihah stated. “Ended up stranded on th’ Pirate Isle instead.”

The mage looked at Almonihah suspiciously for a little while, then suddenly turned. “Very well, I am satisfied. They can pass.”

The rest of his group seemed a bit surprised, but followed as he went back over to the Midport ship. Once they were back aboard, the magic bridge disappeared. One of the armored men turned back and shouted over, “Keep on course to Midport, we’ll see to these pirates!”

A ragged cheer went up from the former prisoners as the Midport ship again turned with impossible agility, signaling its companion with a flash of magic. Together the two ships raced to meet the pirate ships while the other ship sailed onward toward Midport.


Hmmmm… things are going awfully well right now…

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