Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 7-2

The Captain quirked an eyebrow. “I do, Private.”

“Have you ever read of the Battle of Bocheru?”

Telarnen frowned in thought. “No, Private, I have not,” he replied, after a few moments.

Garkhen hesitated a moment before speaking. “It was fought in terrain much like this, with a river with a rise on one side. The side on the rise had many mages, and they used magic to dam the river in the night, flooding the enemy camp and giving them an unexpected avenue of attack. The two factors together were sufficient for them to successfully cross the river.” He paused again, before adding, “Sir, do you think we could…” He trailed off.

The Captain was silent for a long moment, before barking a short laugh. “It’s risky, Private… but it just might work. I’ll have to think it over, then bring it up before the other commanders. But if it works… it could be just what we need.” He gave Garkhen an appraising glance. “I wouldn’t have thought you’d be a military historian, Private Garkhen.”

Garkhen laughed a bit, uncomfortably. “I had… little to do for much of my upbringing beyond reading, Captain. It was simply fortune that I read that particular work.”

Telarnen shook his head slightly. “I’m not sure I believe in good luck, Private. But it’s too early to be celebrating this—even if it is a good idea, the Ferdunan commanders may not agree to it. But if this works, Private, you may have saved a lot of our men’s lives.”

“Thank you, sir,” Garkhen said, quietly, thinking to himself that he might also be the doom of many of the other side’s soldiers.

Garkhen returned to his post as a healer the next day, with no news of any results from his conversation with the Captain. Another messenger came in that evening for the half-dragon, however. Again, he was led out with no explanation of what to expect.

This time, though, the messenger led him not out of the city, but deeper in. This part of Garnot had not been damaged as heavily in the fighting, it seemed, and likely had been a wealthier district before the war. From what little he had heard of rumors, the higher-ranking officers of the Ferdunan army used these homes as living quarters.


Hmm, what’s going to happen, eh? Will Garkhen’s remembered plan work? Has it been tossed out? Find out next week!

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