Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 10-1

Chapter 10: The Price of Shipping

“The ends do not justify the means, nor the means the ends. That the goal was righteous does not excuse evil deeds, nor do good deeds cover an evil heart.”

“And yet does this mean that evil deeds can never be done to stop a greater evil? My heart says no, but my mind…”

It wasn’t long before Zakhin’Dakh wanted to hunt. Almonihah wanted to get further from where they’d been spotted, however, so he urged his friend to fly a little further.

When he spotted some prey below, however… there was no stopping him.

Almonihah kept a wary eye out for any pursuit while Zakhin’Dakh ate and Garkhen stretched his legs. He doubted anyone could follow them very quickly through that thick of jungle, but… it never hurt to be sure.

Zakhin’Dakh had just about finished eating when the Ranger heard a soft sound. He nocked an arrow and raised his bow… only to spot three arrows pointed at him.

“Your ears are keen, dragon-man,” an elven voice said. “But you are outnumbered, and our arrows fly true. Put down your weapons.”

Almonihah growled softly, and Zakhin’Dakh growled much more loudly. Looking around, Garkhen raised his hands.

“My friends, I do not think it wise to fight…”

Almonihah just bared his teeth in response… but slowly, he lowered his bow, and stored his arrow back in his quiver. Zakhin’Dakh kept a wary eye on all the arrows pointed at them, but he stopped growling.

“Now,” the elven voice said, “You will follow us, and we will see what we should do with you.”


Yeah, a short post because I had too much fun with my time off. But hey, another cliffhanger! 

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