Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 13-3

The next time he awoke it was light, and Lt. Ailill was in the room, speaking with the healer from before.

“…mostly just the effects of fatigue, now,” Ailill was saying. “All we can do now is give him food and water when he wakes, and trust his stubbornness will see him through.”

Garkhen moved slightly, and both healers turned to him.

“You’re awake, Private,” Ailill stated. He turned to the other healer and nodded, and she hurried out.

Lt. Ailill turned back to Garkhen. “Do you feel like you can speak?”

“A little,” the half-dragon replied, his voice weak and scratchy.

Ailill nodded. “Good. You’re healing quickly, given that you just channeled enough magic through you to banish an incredibly powerful demon and then had a few tons of stone collapse on you.”

He shook his head slightly. “To be honest, Private Garkhen, even with that armor of yours I’m surprised you’re alive. But I suppose when you cross a dragon with a dwarf, I shouldn’t be surprised you’d be so stubborn about staying alive. And… I’m rather glad you are.”

Garkhen managed a small smile. “Thank you, sir,” he rasped.

The other healer returned with water and broth. Again Garkhen drank. He felt somewhat better when he was done—enough that he could look around a bit more. The room he was in was plain and unadorned, but clearly was in a well-built home.

“My armor?” The thought suddenly occurred to him that he was not wearing it.

“It was surprisingly willing to come off,” Ailill answered, giving Garkhen an odd look. “We packed it in a chest, which is now underneath this bed, along with your other belongings.”

Garkhen nodded, relieved. He wished to see it… but he could feel he did not yet have the strength. “It is… whole?”

“It was badly damaged when we dug you out of the rubble,” the elf replied, “But by the time we got it off you… I would not have known it had been used.”

Garkhen’s gasp of surprise informed him that he was still somewhat bruised. “I did not know…”


Sorry I’m going through this so slowly. Just distracted by other writing projects.

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