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Chapter 13-2

Almonihah did, indeed, leave with the hunting party the next morning. It was a group of about twenty Plainsmen, along with a few Plainswomen. They were quite glad to have the half-dragon along, though it was clear to him that they still maintained some of the superstitious awe that nearly the whole tribe had showed towards him when he first arrived. By now, Almonihah had more or less learned to ignore it, but it still bothered him just a bit.

The made camp not far from the North Forest, and then set out to hunt. Some days they hunted the plains, searching for the great herds that traveled the area. Almonihah found that, while he was competent enough, there was still much he could learn from the Plainsmen about the Plains and the beasts that wandered it. Some days, the hunted the Forest, and then it was the Ranger who was the teacher, and the Plainsmen the learners.

The time passed swiftly. Soon, several weeks had passed, and the days were no longer so long. The herds were moving south, and the Plainsmen returned to their village. Almonihah went with them, still not quite certain where else he wished to go.

Owl Talon met the half-dragon when the hunting party returned to the village. “I see you have returned to us,” the old Plainsman said, a bit of a mysterious smile in his tone and on his face.

Almonihah’s response was a nod and a grunt.

The Shaman nodded as well, as if he had been expecting that precise response. “Perhaps you will remain with us through the winter? Already it is fall, and the first snows will come not long from now.”

“Maybe,” was the half-dragon’s terse reply.


A short section, but at least I’m posting something! I debated back and forth and decided I’d just keep this short. No real need to get into specifics with this section. That, and I want to get done with this chapter to get to the next one, since half of this chapter’s reason for existence is next chapter.