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Chapter 20.5-3

Zakhin’Dakh screeched, Okay! I didn’t say anything. Not until he explained more.

Don’t know if he knew somehow that I was waiting for more explanation or if he was just going to explain more anyway, but he continued, I am ancient beyond your knowledge, but every so often I must be reborn. It is in these moments that I am vulnerable, and the minions of Jivenesh seek this time to attack me. Even now I can sense them here… He paused. He gazed directly at me. As I can sense that you have not been untouched by the Mad One.

I froze at that. How… and if…

Do not fear, he continued, That you are here shows that you are stronger than the Chaos which would take you.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, only half-sarcastically. Somehow the Phoenix trusted me in spite of what had happened to me made me feel a bit better.

But I fear we have little time for talk. I must give myself to the flame now, and I will need you to defend me until I am fully reborn. Assuming you are willing, of course. I could tell from the tone that he knew we’d accept.

Zakhin’Dakh reared a shrieked a challenge, almost throwing me off doing it. (He apologized later) I could feel the Phoenix’s amusement, but he just said, You will not have long to wait to show your ferocity, my young friend. Look.

I looked, too. I don’t have eagle eyes, but dragon eyes are at least as good. Neither of us could make out anything clearly, but we could make out a lot of movement in the valley below. Some of it seemed rather large.

I would fight at your sides, brave young ones, but I must be reborn. He hopped up into the nest he’d build. The blessings of Naishia be upon you in your battle, he said, and burst into flames.

Zakhin’Dakh shrieked in disbelief. I stayed quiet, thinking about some of the stories I’d heard… then I heard the first growls. I dismounted, pulling out my bow, as Zakhin’Dakh turned to face downhill with a deep growl.

Ooooooo, cliffhanger!

Okay, not really.

Chapter 20.5-2

Zakhin’Dakh’s surprised screech told me he’d heard it, too. It was the last thing I needed to figure it out, though. This was the Phoenix.

Now, you probably don’t know, but the Phoenix is a legend among Rangers. During my time with the Order, I’d heard stories of Rangers saved from certain death by a giant bird of fire. Some of them had just heard it from others, but a few had seen him themselves. And here he was waiting for us.

You are surprised, young one? I knew he was directing the question at Zakhin’Dakh somehow.

He nodded in response, then screeched, How talk like that?

He was getting better at Great Eagle, but still had a way to go.

I could feel the Phoenix laughing as he answered. I am afraid it is not something I can teach you, young one. It is

[Translator’s Note: A large splotch of ink covered most of the rest of this page.]

Zakhin’Dakh just knocked my inkwell over. Usually he’s better about this, but he got excited when I told him what I was writing about.

And he says hello. He’s happy I wrote that for him. He also says he liked talking with the Phoenix. And I’m not writing anything more for him right now, though I might later if he’ll let me get on with it.

So, the Phoenix said, It is a gift I am given to speak like this, as throats and beaks like ours are not suited to the tongues of men.

Zakhin’Dakh screeched sadly. I patted his head. “You can talk with me,” I said.

His screech in response was happier.

We landed near the Phoenix. He was huge—even bigger than Zakhin’Dakh. He says that made him kind of jealous. Up close, his feathers looked even more like a fire, and I noticed he’d built a large nest. He’d built it on a wide ledge a ways up from the valley.

“Why were you waiting for us?” I asked, once Zakhin’Dakh was settled.

The Phoenix seemed to find something about that a bit funny, too. It is nearly time for my rebirth, and I need brave hearts to aid me.


Poor Almonihah. He can’t appreciate the humor of things that happen to him. Actually, Zakhin’Dakh can get him to grin sometimes in spite of himself.

Chapter 20.5-1

Chapter 20 ½: Phoenix


Translator’s Note: I found this chapter scrawled on several sheets of parchment stuck in the copy of the book I acquired at this point, with this small note written on the back of the last page: “Since this isn’t staying on Draezoln, I can actually tell you about this.” While translating the Draconic and Great Eagle contained therein was even more difficult than the Common Tongue contained in the book itself, I was curious to discover what it contained. This is what I found.


So. Haven’t written a lot like this. But someone should know about this, and since whoever’s getting this isn’t Draezolnian, I can tell you.

As the Mage-Archivist was saying, Zakhin’Dakh and I were flying around the Northern Dragon’s Teeth, thinking we were just enjoying ourselves on our way to the west. Then we found that odd pass. Could swear I’d passed there before and not seen it, which made me curious. Besides, it… felt right. Can’t explain how or why. But it did.

The little canyon was almost too narrow for Zakhin’Dakh in spots. It didn’t seem like a natural canyon—the walls were too sheer, it was too straight. Seemed more like something magic had made it.

Eventually we came out into a small valley. Seemed like a pretty nice place, the kind of thing you might want to keep hidden for yourself.

Like where met! Zakhin’Dakh screeched happily.

A bit, I agreed. It did remind me of that valley I’d found him in, though smaller and better hidden.

It didn’t have giant deer in it either, to my big friend’s disappointment. We explored around for a bit, didn’t find much interesting. Then Zakhin’Dakh saw a funny red dot on a mountainside down on the other end of the valley. We didn’t have anything else to do, so we flew over to take a look. As we flew, I had a feeling like something was watching. Looked down, thought I might have seen something, but just figured it was a manticore or something else smart enough not to bother us.

The red thing on the mountain was much more interesting. As we got closer, we could both tell it was something bird-like. At first I thought it might be a Great Eagle, or maybe just a dire eagle, but I’d never heard of a red one. The closer we got, the more we both realized it was big—bigger than Zakhin’Dakh, even. He screeched a bit unhappily at that part. The other thing was, it wasn’t just red—it was more… flame-colored. Oranges and yellows mixed in with the red.

Then we heard a voice. Not out loud, but in our heads. It was weird… it felt like a warm campfire on a cold night, but with words. Can’t really explain it.

I do know it said this, though. There you are. I have been waiting.




You have no idea how hard it is to translate Great Eagle! Much harder than the Common Tongue. Even harder than Draconic. I didn’t even know it had a written form… it was a huge headache finding some reference materials for it…

Anyway, this is chapter 20 1/2. I’m rather excited to be able to share this bit–I wasn’t sure until recently if Almonihah was going to let me say anything about this episode, and now we get to hear about it from his own writing!

Chapter 20-5

A thunderstorm rolled across the plains as they traveled. Almonihah leaned into it, a hint of a grin playing on his face as he reveled in the wild power of the wind, the rain, and the thunder. He glanced back at Zakhin’Dakh. The big griffon was clearly not enjoying the storm as much. Water dripped off of his feathers and fur, and his head and wings drooped as he slogged through the mud.

Zakhin’Dakh noticed his friend looking back. Not good flying, he screeched, sadly.

Almonihah laughed. Not really good weather for flying, he agreed.

He slowed his pace a bit to allow the griffon to catch back up to him, then kept walking. After a moment, Zakhin’Dakh asked, Why you like?

Almonihah had to think a moment before answering. The wind across my scales… the thunder… maybe it’s just in my blood. I can breathe lightning, so I like thunderstorms. He shrugged. I can’t really say for sure. It’s like… why do you like flying?

It’s fun! Zakhin’Dakh answered, immediately.

The half-dragon grinned a bit. And why is it fun?

Zakhin’Dakh got a funny look on his face, like he’d been about to say something and then realized he didn’t know what it was. After a few moments he closed his beak, and then softly screeched a wordless sound that, from a human, probably would have been “Oh.”

Almonihah just grinned a bit more.

For Zakhin’Dakh’s sake, Almonihah struck out more to the south, heading for the mountains, where there might be more shelter if another storm struck. As they got close, Zakhin’Dakh screeched softly.

That where meet?

Almonihah nodded. Where we met isn’t too far from here.

The big griffon thought for a big, then added, enthusiastically, Can fly over!

Almonihah laughed. Let’s see.

They searched around for a while for a good place to make the attempt, but the high, snowy passes didn’t look particularly inviting to either of them. Then one day, Almonihah noticed a small rift in a mountainside. He had a funny feeling, like he should have seen it before. Shaking it off, he directed Zakhin’Dakh toward it.


Another shortish post, but this is the end of chapter 20. Next is a special chapter that I wasn’t sure if I was going to write! So be excited!