Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 3-1

Chapter 3: Loss

“Righteousness does not mean that all things will go right, only that we do right with the circumstances we are given. Often this means coping with the consequences of the unwise choices of others. In such cases, I prefer to assume ignorance or folly to actual malice, and even in cases of proven evil strive to bring to the paths of light. But… I fear there are times when to allow evil to happen is a greater evil than causing harm to those who would commit the evil.”

The first warning Garkhen had was of his alarm ward being triggered.


It took him just a moment to reorient himself. He was in the inn… they had returned there after showing the Amulet to Maritha’s colleagues, as it had been rather late. Almonihah had gone off to see to Zakhin’Dakh, returning late in the night. And Garkhen had felt he should ward his room…


He now saw it was wise. The intruders had thrown open the door when his alarm ward had started sounding, and he only just had time to grab his mace before they were upon them. He didn’t have time to count, but there were at least three robed men. Then one was upon him with a knife, and Garkhen had no more time to observe.


He fell back out of his bed as he dodged the first slash, then caught the man’s wrist when he tried for another. The half-blue dragon squeezed, applying his superhuman strength, and his assailant cried out and dropped his weapon. Then Garkhen felt a sharp blow on his back, and turned to face another foe, who was cursing as he saw the Warder turn to face him. 


Garkhen had no desire to kill these men, despite their obvious intent to harm him. And so, instead of activating Silverflame’s power and swinging, the thrust it into the second would-be assassin’s gut, knocking the wind out of him. Then he punched him in the face. He feared for a moment that he struck too hard when his foe stumbled backward, but he heard the other one behind him moving and had to turn to face him again.


However, he found he did not have to defend himself against another attack, for the man was fleeing now. Whirling again he saw the other attacker throw himself out of the window of Garkhen’s room. He turned again and ran out into the hall, just in time to see Almonihah running over to him.

“Th’ Amulet!” The half-bronze dragon almost shouted.


In horror, Garkhen realized his companion was right. What other reason could they have for their assault? Hoping against reason he knelt and examined his pack. After a frantic search he stood back up and solemnly shook his head.


“They have taken it.” 




Sorry for the late post. I had fun yesterday with setting up my shiny new computer. 🙂


And yes, Garkhen did pay for a nice inn room, while Almonihah did not. 

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