Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 6-1

Chapter 6: Wounds

“Battlefields are the playgrounds of the Infernals, and war their favored pastime. The only righteous war is one which is waged when standing by would be the greater sin. In this, I see much of men’s persuasion, seeking to justify themselves in their greed. Nor are many dragons free of this sin, for while they do not wage war as such, many do kill more to feed their hunger for gold than out of necessity.”

“A respect for all life is one of the greatest precepts of the followers of Bahamut. It is this that separates us from the adherents of Tiamat, who hold that dragonkind is the only form of life with any value. And it separates us also from those who selfishly view themselves as the most valuable life in the world. I find that, in the end, we have the most joy from our path.”

They stopped briefly, while Captain Telarnen spoke with a sentry who had met their scouts at the top of the hill. Soon the sentry rode off towards the town in the valley, while Telarnen gathered his Company around him.

“This is our situation,” he began. “Ahead of us is Garnot, the only place it’s practical to cross the Green River with an army for a couple hundred miles in either direction—at least as long as the last bridge still stands. We’re at a stalemate here, with our side holding this side of the river, the rebels the opposite side, with the river and bridge being the battlefield.”

“For the time being, we will be playing rearguard, until an opportunity opens up… or until we can create one. Until then, keep an eye out for anything suspicious, and fulfill your orders to the letter.”


I finally dug up my map of Ferdunan so I have names for the towns again!

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