Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 4-6

The big griffon flew with renewed enthusiasm, now that they had another lead, but soon his energy waned as the sun neared the horizon. 


“Have t’ rest soon,” Almonihah grumbled.


Garkhen nodded. “Perhaps we should rest earlier rather than later? We might be able to spot a fire in the darkness, but we had best be well-rested before confronting them, yes?”


Almonihah grunted. “Suppose.”


Zakhin’Dakh descended without having to be instructed, giving his agreement with his actions. He landed a bit clumsily, and his half-bronze dragon friend patted him as he dismounted.


Good job, Zakhin’Dakh. Sorry we tired you out so much.


Is okay. Not that tired.


Yeah, you’re not. Almonihah snorted in clear disbelief.


“Is he well?” Garkhen asked after they were silent for a moment, looking concerned.


“He’s fine,” Almonihah growled in reply. “Just not used t’ carrying people in full armor.” 


Garkhen nodded. “I see.” He turned to Zakhin’Dakh. “I apologize for my additional weight, Zakhin’Dakh.” 


Is okay! Zakhin’Dakh screeched. Almonihah failed to translate.


The huge griffon settled down to rest, leaving his half-dragon friends to keep watch. With a sigh, Garkhen took off his armor, Almonihah by now unimpressed by the magic that aided him. They were silent as dusk and then night fell, the only sounds the shifting of scale against grass and stone.


Finally Garkhen broke the silence. “The moon is out now. Perhaps we should rouse Zakhin’Dakh?”


Almonihah grunted. “No sign ‘f anything ‘s far as I can see. Prob’ly best t’ just rest the night and not risk running int’ something if a cloud goes over th’ moon and we can’t see it.”


Garkhen sighed. “Perhaps you are correct. Still, I am loathe to allow the thieves to get farther ahead of us.”


“Prob’ly sleeping too. Can get up with th’ sun ‘nd get going before they do.”


Garkhen nodded slightly. “Very well, then.”




Another short post, yes, but this finished out this chapter. I should be able to be a bit more on-the-ball with the next chapter.

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