Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 2-5

Zerkheth was silent for a moment. Yes, of course, sir, he finally said.

They said no more for the moment. Garkhen could tell they were nearing the source of the singing—the swelling sound of draconic voices seemed to vibrate the very stone around them. Then they came around a corner, and the song seemed to thrum in his very bones.

The passageway they were in exited here into a huge cavern, so vast that even Solkh’Tolkharkha seemed tiny in comparison. Glowing crystals studded its walls, so that it seemed almost as bright as day within, revealing hundreds of dragons. They stood on various ledges or in entrances to tunnels all around the chamber. And they were all singing. Now that they were in the room itself, Garkhen could understand the words—a hymn to Bahamut.

Solkh’Tolkharkha and Zerkheth spread out along a ledge at the end of the tunnel they exited. Garkhen followed his mentor. Both of the dragons joined in the song, leaving the half-dragon to listen.

He realized soon that he recognized the story of the song, even though he had never heard it before. It was the tale of the creation—how Bahamut and Tiamat together had created the world. They had entered just at the part where they began to disagree on the nature of life on the surface of Draezoln. Quietly, Garkhen sat as the tale continued.

Tiamat wished a primal world of chaos, where only the strongest and fittest would survive the harsh environment and the fierce competition for its few resources. Bahamut desired a paradise, where life could flourish in harmony and grow together for all time. Eventually, their dispute turned to war, a war that nearly destroyed all they had already created. Finally, realizing their battle would destroy both of their visions, Bahamut called for a truce, and Tiamat reluctantly agreed.

Despite agreeing that their battle could not continue, they still could not agree on its resolution. Their argument continued for ages, until they once again looked on Draezoln and found it full of life, and watched over by another—Naishia. Enraged, Tiamat sought to attack, but Bahamut sided with Naishia. Knowing what had gone before, and seeing what might happen again, Naishia proposed a compromise—both Bahamut and Tiamat would make creations to fight for them, and the winner of this battle would determine Draezoln’s fate.

Both agreed, and so created the races of dragonkind. Bahamut created the noble metallic dragons: golds, silvers, bronzes, and finally coppers. Tiamat created the savage chromatics (Garkhen glanced at Zerkheth, but saw no sign he was bothered by the description): reds, blues, greens, and whites. In this first creation, they were much larger and more powerful than modern dragons, and they went forth in great armies to battle one another.


So yes, if I haven’t made it clear before, Almonihah, Zakhin’Dakh, and Garkhen were originally D&D characters. I’ve tried to distance them from their source somewhat, but the colors of dragons and the battle between chromatics and metallics were too important to them for me to get rid of.

And yes, this doesn’t quite match with the creation story Almonihah heard. Interesting, isn’t it? 😀

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