Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 13-1

Chapter 13: Soldier Without Battle

“War is a terrible thing. Its cost goes so far beyond the lives and limbs lost in battle. There are the cries of widows and orphans, the hunger of those whose fields were trampled, and the privation of those whose homes were destroyed.”

“Yet there is another cost, as well, oft-forgot in the more physical suffering caused by the sword. What becomes of the soldiers who lived? The thought of joyful reunions with family is true, but for many, there is no home remaining to go to, no world left to them outside the field of battle. Where do these go? What shall they do without war?”

Garkhen returned to consciousness slowly. It was dark and quiet. It must be time to get up for his morning studies. Solkh’Tolkharkha was probably already out sunning. Though usually he told his young charge to wake up before going outside. So maybe not… besides, he felt so heavy and tired…

He wasn’t sure how long it was before he started sluggishly waking up again. Funny that Solkh’Tolkharkha still hadn’t woken him up. Or… was there someone else who was supposed to wake him up? Something in the back of his head seemed to say so. But that was silly, wasn’t it? There wasn’t anyone else in the lair.

The lair, right? Wasn’t that where he was? Where else did he sleep? Maybe if he could get his eyes open he could see… but they were so heavy. Just like the rest of him. He couldn’t quite seem to muster the energy to move anything. For some reason, it seemed like that should bother him, but it didn’t. Maybe tomorrow…


Sorry about the short, late post. I’ve been distracted and writing thousands of words on role-plays instead of here.

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