Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 10-9

The hum of bowstrings warned the sentries too late, and those on this side of the wall fell before they could so much as shout. But their fall was not unnoticed, and soon cries of alarm sounded from within the stockade.

Almonihah swiftly flew forward, outpacing the warriors now charging from the jungle as he swooped up to one of the towers now emptied of its sentry. Once in place he quickly took stock of the situation—mostly just sentries on other sections of the wall were moving, but there seemed to be a few people quickly darting between buildings. They might be their allies, freeing slaves… or enemies, waking reinforcements.

He couldn’t tell from here, even with his draconic eyesight. And so he turned his bow on the other sentries, arrows blazing in the night as they streaked towards their targets. Without the element of surprise it was much more difficult for him to kill at this distance, but his arrows did keep them on the defensive, scrambling for cover instead of firing on his allies charging across the cleared ground to the walls.

Garkhen, meanwhile, was seated on Zakhin’Dakh’s back, strapped into the saddle as he waited anxiously for the signal. The big griffon, was tense, nervously scratching at the ground as he thought of his friend in danger without him.

The first of the warriors reached the wall, slinging ropes with rough grapnels up to hook onto the top of the stockade, and then lightly climbing up. More followed as the first ones reached the top of the wall, and soon Almonihah had to be wary of where he shot his arrows on the wall, as well.

A loud shout came from within the compound, and several torches blazed to life as a group of men poured out of one of the buildings. Peering at them, the half-bronze dragon could see that they did not have the look of desperate, recently-freed slaves, and that they were well-armed, and so he turned his bow on them. After a couple arrows struck home the group scattered somewhat, spreading out to avoid making it so easy to hit one of them. 


I know, another short post. Sorry! But look

Why is Almonihah fighting a half-silver dragon? Why is his form so terrible? And when is this happening? Well… I’ll just say it’s a hint of the things to come in the next Draezoln book! Now I just need to finish this one… 

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