Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 3-4

Almonihah looked at Garkhen quizzically. “What?”


“I doubt the deaths of those men will long remain unknown,” the Warder pointed out, “Even if we were to try to hide it.”


The half-bronze dragon snorted. “Think they’ll actually talk to th’ Watch?”


“Why should they not? If they remain silent, the deaths become all the more suspicious when they come to light. And I would rather suspect that the families of those men are also citizens of the city.”


Almonihah grunted, but said nothing further. After a moment, Garkhen sighed.


“Come, we should return. There will be much to do.”

They walked in silence for a little while, until the Ranger suddenly asked in Draconic, Just what are you planning to do? You’re going to tell them about them, aren’t you?


Garkhen nodded. It is best we tell the truth, and quickly. If we are the first to speak, it should help our case.


Still don’t think it’s necessary, Almonihah mumbled, but he didn’t meet Garkhen’s eyes. 



The scene back at the inn was just as chaotic as Garkhen had suspected. There were several members of the city’s Watch scattered about, keeping a wary eye on the area or speaking with inn patrons or the innkeeper. One of them noticed the two half-dragons coming.


“There they are!” He shouted to his companions, then turned back to the pair. He gave the half-blue dragon a slight nod. “Garkhen and… companion, (Almonihah snorted in amusement) we’ve been hoping you would return. The reports we’ve gotten have been rather… jumbled, and since it seems you were the intended victims, we hoped you might clarify matters.” 


“Indeed,” Garkhen said, marshaling his thoughts. “Shall we begin?”


At the Watchman’s nod, Garkhen launched into a retelling of the night’s events. He started with being awakened by the intruders triggering his alarm spell, the struggle in his room, the discovery of the theft, tracking them, and breaking into the location they found.


“When we went down the indicated stairway… there were three men waiting in ambush for us. They attacked us, and we… responded in kind. I believe we killed at least two of them.”


“I… see.” The man was clearly still processing their story. “Could I ask you to repeat your story in the morning? I think the Watch Captain will need to hear this.”


Garkhen nodded. “I would also ask that Archivist Maritha and her colleagues be notified of the theft of this amulet. It is… a magical item of some power, which we had shown to them, and they will likely wish to know of these events.”


Sure that’s a good idea? Almonihah growled in Draconic.


Garkhen glanced back at him, then returned his gaze to the Watchman. “My friend is expressing some concern about this.” He turned again to Almonihah. “We have already shown it to them, and they will likely learn of the theft shortly through other means. It would be best to see if some assistance could be rendered in its discovery.”


Grudgingly the half-bronze dragon nodded. Once he was certain Almonihah was in agreement, Garkhen turned back to the other man. “We did not recover the amulet, for when we fought past the ambush, it was clear others had escaped, but we had no further way to track them, and could find no sign of them. Once we had exhausted our options we returned here.”


The Watchman nodded. After a moment’s thought he said, “If you could show me and a few others here the place you went to, I think that will be all we need from you tonight. Then you can rest, and be ready to speak to the Captain in the morning.” 




Well, so far things aren’t as bad with the law as Garkhen feared… but we’ll see what the morning brings, hm? 

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