Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Book III Interlude

Book III Interlude

That, as you might guess, is how I acquired the material for this book. After gleaning bits and pieces of their tales during their research time, I simply had to record their full stories. They are, as I might point out, heading into the heart of the Madlands, which very well may be the death of them. Thus it behooved me to get as much information on their lives from them as I could before they left. Not that I expect them to die, of course, but I must take precautions.

I was quite surprised by how talkative they were, I must say. Particularly Almonihah. If you can tolerate his ‘accent’ and get him talking, he’s actually quite the intelligent fellow, if not very well-spoken. The griffon was the most unusual one to interview, however, given that he could understand me but I had to rely on a translator. I considered the use of magic, or asking one of my colleagues who knows Great Eagle to translate for me, but Almonihah was willing enough to translate.

Zakhin’Dakh himself is an interesting riddle. Was he more intelligent before his odd growth, or did the same influence that expanded his body expand his mind, as well? Or do we simply underestimate the intelligence of griffons? The griffon-riders of our guard are quite clear on their beasts being more than animals, but even they would hesitate to claim quite the degree of independent thought that this giant among griffons shows. Perhaps if he returns he might be convinced to allow himself to be studied for a time?

Garkhen is an oddity of a different sort. Quiet in spite of his heritage, somehow… unassuming, even when wearing armor built to withstand dragons. And yet with an adamant core. Knowing his past tells something of how he come to be as he now is, but I still feel as if I miss… something.

Whatever the case, even as I write, they fly into danger, carrying doom with them. We can only hope that their mission is successful, for I dare not think what might happen were it not…


Who still remembers the frame story? Anyone? Well this is the last you’ll hear of it. From here on out, I won’t even maintain a pretense of there being an in-world author. It was a fun idea seven years ago, but… well, I don’t really think it’s worth it.

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