Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 2-5

They flew in silence for a few minutes, alert for any further attacks. Finally Garkhen decided to speak.

“It was almost as if it was waiting in ambush for us.”


Almonihah growled. “Javni’Tolkhrah don’t plan. They’re chaos-touched. Mad. Can’t think intelligently.” After a moment, he added. “’nd I hate t’ think it was.”


Garkhen shook his head slightly. “Nonetheless, I think we must admit the possibility. Whatever this amulet is, it has certainly attracted their attention, and we cannot deny that such behavior is unusual. Who can say that they are not also capable of cunning, despite their madness?”


The bronze half-dragon growled again and shook his head, but couldn’t say anything to deny the point. Zakhin’Dakh, however, screeched a boast in Great Eagle. Almonihah snorted in amusement. Garkhen half-turned, as if to ask, and the Ranger translated.


“He said it doesn’t matter. We’ll beat them all.” Though really, it had been more like “Not matter! Me beat!”, but Almonihah could fill in for his friend.


Garkhen laughed. “Indeed? Well, I am glad to have such mighty friends in this undertaking.”


“Not your friends,” Almonihah growled.


The half-blue dragon sighed. “Perhaps not yet, but I hope we can become such.”


Almonihah snorted derisively, but didn’t deign to answer.




 Well, it’s a short post, I know. I’ve been distracted by other characters recently.

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