Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 10-3

As we agreed, the threat of the undead… and these demons, it would appear, is greater than our civil war. And while we have won this battle, we have word from our forces in the east that they are facing similar foes and faring… poorly.”

One of the Rebel generals nodded and added, “That matches with our reports. What you may not know is that we also have word that Elifort has been conquered by the same sort of demons we fought this night.”

A ripple of shock flowed through the Loyalist side of the discussion, Garkhen included. Elifort was, in all but name, the headquarters of the Ferdunan Rebellion. Its mines provided both wealth and metal for the war effort, and its duke had been among the first to turn against the king. If it had fallen, the civil war was all but over… and if it was now controlled by Infernals, this new war might be even more terrible.

For a moment, all were silent, then the Rebel leader who had first spoke quietly said, “In light of these events… we have agreed that we will submit ourselves to your command, so long as you will fight this terrible evil that has come upon our lands.”

Silence again. After years of war, none had anticipated the end to come so suddenly, nor in such a manner. Finally, the lead Loyalist general replied, “We shall have to discuss the details of this… arrangement, but I accept. A have no doubt that the King will approve my decision. This threat is not just a danger to our nation, but to our world as a whole.”

Nods and murmurs of agreement filled the pavilion. None could disagree that the demons were a threat to all.

And so, the rest of that night was spent in planning and organization. Captain Telarnen kept Garkhen with him, but he felt like he contributed little. Some little he had learned in reading, but in truth, the ordering of men was beyond his knowledge. But the Captain seemed to appreciate what little he said regardless of the young half-dragon’s feelings of inadequacy.

When finally he was dismissed, the sun was already rising. Garkhen made his way quickly back to his quarters and collapsed into a deep sleep.


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