Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 12-4

So these are the ones I am to carry?” The dragon rumbled as they approached.

We are, sir, Garkhen replied respectfully in Draconic. He could see that this was an old and powerful dragon, nearly as large as Solkh’Tolkharkha. Of course, to carry five armed and armored men, he would have to be large.

“Hmmm…” The dragon looked them over. “You look competent enough, I suppose. I am Kherkhlan. In addition to putting you somewhere you’re likely going to die, I’ve been asked to provide enough of a distraction for you to maybe not do so.”

He snorted. “Well, I’m no more fond of these Infernals than you, so I suppose I’ll do it. Now, then,” he lay down on the ground, “Get on quickly. I’ll fly carefully enough, but you’d better learn to hold on. I’m not going to catch you if you fall off.”

As they carefully climbed on Kherkhlan’s back, Garkhen watched the other squads heading off, as the army packed up and prepared to march. They would be the first to enter the city, likely, but others would be infiltrating more… quietly.

Once all five were in place as securely as they could manage, Kherkhlan shouted, “Hold on!” and took off. The lurch was a familiar feeling to Garkhen, who had been carried by his mentor many times, but he supposed the others must find it rather uncomfortable.

It was a short flight to the city, but already demons were rising to meet the assault. They seemed surprised by the dragon flying overhead, and Garkhen had a brief glance of their confusion as they tried to determine who would fight the dragon and who would meet the army marching to the gates. Eventually a large, winged Infernal, with a group of smaller ones, rose to chase after them.

Kherkhlan dove suddenly, making his passengers feel as if they would be left behind. Turning, the half-dragon on his back could see the large square that was to be their landing-place below, with a couple small demons looking up at the incoming dragon. Then the land grew close, and there was a sharp jolt as they landed.

With a roar, Kherkhlan lunged forward, biting into one of the Infernals with his huge maw. Quickly his passengers disembarked, before he whirled to rend the other. Jesil quietly indicated the way they were to go, and the group hurried off as the dragon behind them took off to meet his pursuers in the air.


Apologies for another short post, but I’ve been distracted writing other characters, and they’ve been crowding poor Garkhen out.

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