Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 13-1

Chapter 13: The Wake of Chaos

“I often question why there are those who are so foolish as to believe the promises of power given by beings such as Jivenesh. Perhaps I should not be so surprised. There are those, after all, who look to drink or worse for joy. Perhaps rather I should be glad that I was shown another way early in my childhood.” –Garkhen

“If you would cease to state the obvious, I might have time to examine the scene more thoroughly,” Illusin haughtily replied to Almonihah.

Almonihah snorted, but said nothing more, instead examining the room. Garkhen did likewise, looking more closely at the bizarre collection of items in the room. He recognized few of them, for he had made little study of wizardry, and they seemed to be wizard’s instruments to him. The repeated theme of the chained, multi-hued stone, however, was all too familiar.

Suddenly, something clicked in Garkhen’s mind. The multi-colored stone, the implements of wizardry…

“They are Chaos Mages…” he breathed.

Illusin inhaled sharply. “Are you certain?”

“Certain? No. But I see nothing else that would fit,” the Warder stated.

Almonihah’s quizzical gaze told Garkhen he needed to explain further. “Chaos Mages are those who combine the worship of Jivenesh with knowledge of arcane magics.”

“They are banned from within the city,” Illusin added. “The penalty for worship of Jivenesh is death.”

“’nd the Amulet’s some kind ‘f Chaos artifact,” Almonihah growled, catching on.

“Nothing good can come of its use,” Illusin agreed. “Fortunately, I believe we may discover where its bearer has gone, for that,” he pointed at a circle of runes in the corner of the room, “is a teleportation circle. It will take me only a moment to trace where it leads.”

He cast a spell, and concentrated for a few moments, then said, “It is somewhere to the southeast… near the Madlands.”

Almonihah snorted again. “Where else?”

“Can we follow?” Garkhen inquired.

“I can send you, but unfortunately, without the keyword to this circle, I shall have to remain behind when I cast the spell,” Illusin replied.

“Be nice t’ have Zakhin’Dakh along,” Almonihah stated.

“That,” Illusin said, “I believe I can arrange.”  


Oh, this is definitely safe. It won’t be hard at all.

In other news, I got a cool new Garkhen picture!

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