Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 14-4


The Wyre nodded, acknowledging Garkhen’s praise without saying anything further. He was too focused on the hunt. They traveled for another hour, roughly, Tirel following signs that were often beyond Garkhen’s ability to see. Soon enough, however, the tiger-man’s ears perked up.


“I hear something,” he hissed urgently.


Garkhen nodded. “I will wait,” he murmured, thinking of the noise his armor made.


Tirel slipped ahead, going up a low rise stealthily. He peeked over the top, then returned to the half-dragon.


“Too late to save him… but we can stop it.”


Grimly, Garkhen nodded, and readied his mace and shield. Together they charged up the hill.


On the other side was a grisly scene, a gutted farmhouse half-filled with living dead. A pair of Infernals were just looking up from some sort of ritual they had been engaged in that seemed to involve a corpse and profane symbols drawn in blood. 


With a wrathful roar, Garkhen dropped his shield. He seized his holy symbol and held it aloft, calling upon Bahamut. It flashed with a brilliant platinum glow that burned the undead. Many of them dropped to the ground. The demons shielded their eyes, but were not particularly harmed. 


Then Tirel struck. At some point he had shifted into his full tiger form, and he landed on one of the Infernals in a blur of fur and claws. Its roar of pain was soon cut short. Off-balance, the other one could barely defend itself as the Wyre turned his attention to it. It shouted out commands to the remaining zombies, who started shuffling forward.

Garkhen reached the scene just as the first shambling corpse tried to strike at his friend. Instead, it fell to the ground, its skull crushed by Garkhen’s mace. Again he called upon the power of Bahamut, felling many more of the zombies while Tirel finished the Infernal. After that it was a simple matter to finish the remaining undead.


Once it was done, Tirel returned to his Wyre form, while Garkhen retrieved his shield. Mutely they looked around, and silently they left, to tell the news of what they had found.




Garkhen doesn’t specialize in slaying undead… but he’s pretty effective at it when he does it.

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