Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 3-3

Garkhen followed just in time to see Almonihah run up some stairs at the back of the room beyond to reach a trap door. The half-bronze dragon pushed against it, then shoved it with all his might, but it hardly moved.


“Stuck something on top ‘f it!” Almonihah growled. He stepped back a bit, took a deep breath, and exhaled a bolt of lightning.


It struck the trap door right next to its hinge, blasting a smoldering hole in it. This was followed quickly by the door collapsing inwards. Almonihah leaped aside just in time to avoid the large rock that fell through and crashed into the stairs. 


“Thought it was heavy,” he commented before lifting himself up on top of the stone and then outside. Garkhen followed as quickly as he could.


They came out in a back alley near the city gates. Almonihah was growling again.


“Must’ve left town,” he said, baring his teeth a bit. “Easier to find out there.”


Before Garkhen could catch his breath, Almonihah was on the move again, sprinting towards the gates… until he realized they were closed. He slowed to a stop, allowing the shorter-legged half-dragon to catch up to him.


“They must have gone elsewhere,” Garkhen pointed out, only slightly winded. Things had happened quickly… but they had not really traveled that far.


Almonihah snorted. “Yeah. Where?”


Garkhen shrugged slightly, armor creaking with the motion. “I do not know… and I believe the man whose cloak we used to track them thus far is… still within.”


The half-bronze dragon nodded slightly, nostrils flaring. “So what now…”


After a moment’s thought, Garkhen suggested, “The box and the amulet both have powerful magic. Perhaps they might be located by magic detection?”


Again Almonihah snorted. “’nd we’re supposed t’ go back to th’ wizards when it got stolen th’ night after we talked t’ them?”


Garkhen sighed. “I should have been more wary, yes. But what other option do we have? We must retrieve the amulet as soon as possible, and I think we have reached the limits of our own efforts.”


Grudgingly the Ranger nodded. “So now…”


Garkhen turned to look back the way they came. “No doubt the city watch is now at the inn. We will have to answer for our actions this night…” 




This post is shorter because I was busy losing to my brother in Beyond Earth today. 😀 


But yes, this isn’t going to be resolved quickly or easily. Especially since now Almonihah and possibly Garkhen might be accused of murder. 

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