Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Book 3, Chapter 1-1

Book Three

“Almonihah is… a very private man. Even after traveling with him for these years I feel I know little of him. And yet, for all this, we have become friends. Why? I think it is, that deep beneath the hardness he wears, beats a heart as dedicated to the defense of others as my own. I have seen the danger he has braved for the sake of a child, and I have seen his anger at those who would prey upon the innocent. For all that we follow different gods, yet are many of our goals the same.”


“Do I agree with his… attitude? I do not think it right for me to judge. Until these conversations, I did not know much of his history. I suspected rather quickly that he was… wounded, perhaps, is the best way to say it, but little more.”


“Zakhin’Dakh? He is quite the contrast, is he not? While I cannot understand his speech, yet his enthusiasm, his curiosity, his simple joy in life are clear. I would consider myself his friend, yes. He is certainly capable of such relationships.” –Garkhen

Garkhen? S’pose I’ve gotten used t’ him. Good t’ have in a fight. Good person, too.” —Almonihah




Chapter 1: Unusual Alliance

“I would not say I believe in fate as such. That is to say, I do not believe our choices are made ahead of time for us, that we are simply actors following a script rather than writing our own lives. That does not mean, however, that I do not believe the gods take a hand in our lives. On the contrary, as a servant of Bahamut, I am certain that he directs my course at times. But my choices remain my own.” –Garkhen 





Apologies for the late post. It’s entirely the fault of Dungeon of the Endless.


And yes, Garkhen is much more talkative than Almonihah. If it’s not clear, the Book 3 quotes are quotes Elque must have gotten from talking to each of them about the other.  

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