Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 7-2

Amazingly, nothing else attacked them as they slowly made their way out of the Madlands. Tiredly Almonihah wondered if all of the powerful Javni’Tolkhrah nearby had already made their attempt, and so the area now had nothing to attack them. But he did not make the mistake of growing complacent. Whatever the case, these were still the Madlands, and the land itself might well threaten them as they passed.

The trio finally made it to the border of the Madlands, passing across that invisible line that separated them from the solid, sensible world.

Better here! Zakhin’Dakh screeched.

Almonihah nodded. “We’re out ‘f th’ Madlands now. Not safe, but better.” He paused. “Now we just have t’ decide where t’ go…”

Lots hurt… Zakhin’Dakh commented.

The Ranger nodded slightly. “Not exactly ‘n good shape… have t’ make for th’ Ranger Headquarters. They left a couple ‘f druids there. Should get us in shape t’ head back t’ town… ‘nd figure out what’s next.”

It was getting dark by the time they heard an odd bird-call. Almonihah perked up slightly.

“We’re alive,” he called out, fatigue plain in his posture and voice.

Another Ranger melted out of the trees. “And the others?”

Almonihah shook his head slightly. “Not many.”

The other Ranger quickly hid his pained look as he led the three back into the Headquarters clearing. Llitthos ran over to meat them as they came into view.

“What happened?”

Almonihah described the action as briefly as he could. The druid was obviously saddened by the news, but he quickly set to work caring for the three’s wounds. As he worked, he spoke.

“It is clear you cannot stay here. It seems having that accursed amulet so close to the Madlands is far too great a risk.”

“Yeah,” the half-bronze dragon agreed. “Question’s how t’ destroy it.”

“Such a thing will not lightly be accomplished.” Llitthos sighed slightly. “Would that I had the knowledge to guide you, but I fear this is beyond my skill. It will likely take the knowledge of many powerful priests or mages to unravel such a mighty enchantment as the amulet bears.”

Almonihah growled slightly. “’nd it’s hard t’ trust any just now.”

“You shall have to find some to trust, and quickly,” the druid pointed out. “We can ill afford another such battle.”

The Ranger shook his head. “Can’t stay here. Soon ‘s the blue’s awake,” he jerked his head in Garkhen’s direction, “We’re leaving. Back t’ the town first, I think, ‘nd after that…”

“To wherever you may hope to find aid,” Llitthos finished. “Very well. I shall tell the Commander where you have gone when he returns, but I doubt we can furnish further aid.”

Almonihah growled again. “Wouldn’t want ‘t if you offered. ‘nough dead Rangers already.”


Not much to say here, I suppose.

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