Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 13-6

 “Are we already that close?” Garkhen asked.

Almonihah growled. “Too close. Can’t you feel ‘t?”

Garkhen was silent a moment, focusing. At first he didn’t know what the Ranger was talking about, but then a wind blew from the south for a moment, and the Warder shivered at the touch of wrongness it brought with it.

I don’t! Zakhin’Dakh interjected.

Almonihah patted the big griffon’s leg. “Just trust me. We’re close.”

Then we should go fast!

Almonihah nodded. “Ready t’ go?” He asked Garkhen.

The Warder nodded, and after a moment, they were both on Zakhin’Dakh’s back, Garkhen in the saddle with Almonihah holding on behind, as usual. They flew along the path, watching for any signs of places someone could have left the trail… but soon enough they didn’t need to.

What that? Zakhin’Dakh asked, suddenly pointing a talon into the distance ahead of them.

The two half-dragons on his back strained their eyes in the indicated direction. After a few moments, Almonihah grunted. “There, see ‘t too. Don’t like that I can, though…”

After another moment, Garkhen caught sight of what his friend had seen. Off in the distance, a small light on a low mountaintop… one that was rapidly shifting in color and brightness.

“I cannot think that good,” Garkhen agreed, as Zakhin’Dakh flew on in the growing darkness.

Almonihah grunted his agreement. “All right, Zakhin’Dakh, fast ‘s you can fly!”

The big griffon shrieked agreement and started flapping heavily, building speed towards the distant lights. They hardly looked better as they closed, especially as the three started to make out shapes moving around the lights.

Many shapes. Very, very many.

“Javni’Tolkhrah,” Almonihah growled.


Yeah, I had to leave it at the cliffhanger here. 

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