Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 4-2

You mean th’ fact that we’re not allowed t’ leave town,” Almonihah said after they had left.


Garkhen nodded. “Yes, we shall have to speak with the Captian of the Watch.” He hesitated a moment, then added, “I do not believe we ever got his name.”


Almonihah shrugged, uncaring. “Let’s go talk to ‘im. Tired ‘f walls around me all th’ time.”


The Warder seemed a little surprised. “You truly dislike cities that much, Almonihah?”


The Ranger snorted derisively, but offered no explanation. After a long moment of silence Garkhen sighed.


“Please, whatever your opinion, do not be… abrasive when we speak with him. Much may well depend upon our swiftly recovering the artifact before it is used for ill purpose.”


Almonihah’s only response was a grunt. After a few more quiet minutes, Garkhen gave up on getting more of a response.


It was not hard for them to find the Watch Captain once they reached the city’s barracks. He didn’t look particularly happy to see the two half-dragons, but neither did he seem angry. 


“I’d rather hoped to have a bit more time to work on your case,” he said, once they’d exchanged greetings. “But I assume since you’re here that I don’t have much more time.”


Garkhen nodded. “We hope to be able to leave within the next hour, or perhaps two. Archivist Maritha did not think it would take them long to give us a direction in which to search for the amulet.”


The Captain sighed. “Well, if it’s as important as you’re all saying, I suppose that’s a good thing. But it does leave me with thinking of what to do with you…”


Almonihah fidgeted as he waited for the man to think, shifting from one foot to another, slightly spreading and then closing his wings, and so forth. Garkhen, however, was perfectly calm, standing still and steady as he awaited a decision.


“While I believe you to be honest, er, people,” the human finally said, “I cannot simply let you leave on your word to come back for trial. However, there are ways of magically binding you to your words. I believe one of the Priests of Mashano here is capable of such magic. Would you be willing to submit yourselves to such a thing? If you are, I will allow you to leave the city’s walls with the assurance that you will return.”


“Of course,” Garkhen replied without hesitation. 


There was a long pause, but at last Almonihah grudgingly growled, “Yeah.” 


“Very well, then,” The Watch Captain said, standing. “I will arrange for the spell at once. I would not want to delay your quest any further.” 




So this hasn’t ended up being a huge problem… yet. >: D 

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