Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 6-4

As they moved out, Garkhen hesitated, then broke ranks to carefully place the doll back where he had found it. Sgt. Gerim said nothing as the half-dragon re-assumed his position in their formation, but Garkhen could feel the other soldiers watching him.

They didn’t have far to go. Soon enough they stopped again, and the officers started splitting the different soldiers off to their posts. Garkhen stood at attention while the soldiers around him marched off, until Lieutenant Ailill, the other healers, and the soldiers assigned to carry the hospital gear came over.

“Follow me, Private. We are needed here,” the elf said.

Garkhen fell in with the others. They traveled a short distance to a large, mostly intact structure—from its decorations it had once been some sort of civic building—where a few soldiers were standing guard. Empty stretchers and other such equipment stored under its eaves suggested that it was now a field hospital. One of the guards looked down at Garkhen then stepped forward as their little group approached.

“State your business here.”

Lt. Ailill looked him in the eye. “I and my assistants are reporting here as requested to aid in the treatment of our wounded.”

The guard hesitated a moment. Lieutenant Ailill continued, more sternly, “Unless you wish to risk losing some of your comrades, you had best stand aside and let us get to our work.”

He hesitated just a moment more before moving aside, allowing the group to pass. Garkhen was sure he could feel the man’s eyes on him the whole way into the building.

He felt no less watched when they walked into the field hospital. The large room inside the doors was filled with cots, pallets, and other more makeshift beds, organized into rows. Most of them were occupied, with a number of healers moving about, attending to them. One robed human made his way to their little group as they entered.

“Lieutenant Ailill?” His tone made the name a question. At the elf’s nod, he looked at the others in his group, eyes visibly widening when he saw Garkhen.

“These are my assistants,” Lt. Ailill said, before the man could speak. “If you would show us to our posts, we can begin our work.”

The robed healer nodded, tearing his eyes off of the half-dragon. “This way.”

He lead them through a door into a somewhat smaller room. More makeshift beds lined this room, but only a few of them were occupied at present. No other healers attended them.

“These ones aren’t bad off, but there will be more,” their guide said. “Supplies for this room are there,” he pointed to a corner, where Garkhen could see a couple crates and bags, “If you need more… there should be another shipment in soon.” And with that, he left.


This is mostly a… connecting section. Necessary, but not too important for the most part.

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