Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 12-7

 “Go on, then,” Illusin commanded, waving Garkhen onward as he approached himself. Apparently he had melted another hole in this wall for himself.

With a nod, Garkhen returned to where Almonihah was still trading shots with the archers within. The Ranger gave Garkhen a curt nod before again ducking out and firing an arrow, again returning to the side just before three arrows replied. Without thinking about just what he was doing, Garkhen charged forward, his shield raised, passing through the doorway just as Almonihah’s shot sailed over his head. The archers, peeking over the overturned table that made the center of their barricade, looked worried as they fired on the half-blue dragon. Their arrows clattered uselessly off of Garkhen’s armor, and soon enough he was upon them.

“Surrender!” Garkhen roared at them as he raised Silverflame, then brought it down upon the table. The flaming mace smashed a large piece out of it, spraying the archers with splinters.

They made no response save to back up, drawing their bows again. Then one grunted and staggered as an arrow took him in the shoulder.

“Don’t bother. Too crazy t’ listen,” Almonihah growled as he ducked to one side before the other two archers fired on him.

Garkhen shook his head. “This is madness! Drop your weapons, ere we are forced to kill you!”

Still they made no response, in spite of the fear clear on their faces. Instead they kept retreating, back towards three different doors, again nocking arrows. Then there was a crack of thunder, and a bolt of lightning leaped from one to the other. All three fell to the ground, eyes open wide in death.

Garkhen turned to see Illusin in the doorway, surveying the room. He was frowning. “The amulet… it is not here, but I cannot tell for certain where it is.”

“Keep looking,” Almonihah replied, cautiously making his way to one of the doors in the room.

But there was nothing of interest behind that door, nor, indeed, in any of the other rooms in the building. It all appeared to be just what it claimed—a guild for making chains. Nor were there any other people to be found. And so they went over everything again… and in a small storage room, Almonihah spotted something.

“Stones don’t fit together right here,” he commented, looking at a spot of floor that had been covered over by an oddly light crate of assorted tools.

“Perhaps there is a hidden entrance to a cellar?” Garkhen suggested.

Almonihah nodded slightly. “One way t’ find out.”

He searched around, and soon enough found a hidden catch in a small hollow in one of the stones that made up the floor. When pressed, there was a soft ‘click’, and the floor smoothly slid aside to reveal a staircase leading down.

The two half-dragons looked at one another. Almonihah gave Garkhen a slight nod, and the Warder started down the stairs, shield at the ready. 


Hmmm… this isn’t suspicious at all…

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