Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 7-10

Heedless, the monsters dove in, driving themselves onto the pikes. One pike snapped under the force applied to it, but that monster fell dead with the pike head, its head pierced through. The other two survived their insane dives, taking wounds to the shoulders instead. The soldiers dropped their pikes and drew short swords, forming up between the two spellcasters and the two Javni’Tolkhrah.

The two Javni’Tolkhrah—one a vaguely feline beast with bat-like wings, the other more reptilian—sprang at the soldiers. One of the men was borne down by his foe’s weight, screaming as it tore at his face. The other two soldiers managed to fend off the other with their swords, in spite of its frenzied efforts to reach those they were guarding. Finally one soldier stabbed his sword through one of the Madness-Touched’s eyes, ending its life.

The other, however, charged towards Garkhen… or more accurately, towards the pack on his back. Unable to force himself to move, the half-dragon could only watch as it leaped at him, claws outstretched. It impacted him with a great crash, knocking him on his side as it bit at his pack.

Then came a loud shriek-roar, as Zakhin’Dakh dove from above on the remaining monstrosity. Garkhen gritted his teeth as his armor withstood another impact, glad for its impossible toughness once again.

The huge griffon made short work of the distracted beast, then pushed its corpse aside to check on his little half-blue dragon friend. Garkhen was unconscious (again), but breathing.

Almonihah landed just then, looking over the scene. He saw that the Javni’Tolkhrah were all dead, nodded, and then turned to Zakhin’Dakh.

Keep watch here. I’ll see if the walls still need help, he said in Great Eagle.

The big griffon nodded as his friend took off again. Almonihah flew back towards the wall, noting that he didn’t hear any further shouting. As he neared he could tell that all the Javni’Tolkhrah he could see weren’t moving, which he took to be a good sign.

He came in to a landing near where the Guard Captain was ordering about some of his men. He looked over at the half-dragon, his face contorting into a mask of anger.

“GET OUT!” The Captain shouted. “Leave my city! Take that accursed amulet and never come back!”

Without a word, Almonihah took off and flew back towards his friends.


This was a hard chapter for me to write. I knew, when I neared this point in the story, that it had to happen, but I hadn’t really planned out the how, which turned out to be a problem. But it’s done now. 

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