Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 7-4

It took some work to find accommodations for Zakhin’Dakh. His scent spooked horses, and his size meant he needed a lot of space. In spite of Almonihah’s suggestions to the contrary, the Captain of the Guard insisted that the big griffon stay in Elifort, and so eventually they settled on having him stay in the courtyard of the former duke’s castle. Now that time had passed since the war, it was all but abandoned, with only a skeleton garrison to keep watch for squatters. These few soldiers seemed a bit nervous about Zakhin’Dakh’s presence, but accepted the arrangement without protest.

One very nervous day passed without much sign of stirring from Garkhen. Almonihah was restless the entire time, spending his time practicing archery and swordplay in the courtyard while Zakhin’Dakh (and a couple soldiers) watched on. He was all too aware of the amulet in his pack—which he never let out of his sight. He was even more aware that they’d never retrieved its warding box, for he remembered what had happened with Garkhen. So far he’d detected no sign of it influencing his thoughts… but that’s just what he’d think if it had.

Finally the next day the healers sent word that Garkhen was stirring. Almonihah came quickly, to find the half-blue dragon sitting in bed, wearily drinking some broth.

“You’re up, Blue,” Almonihah observed.

The Warder nodded slightly. “I have been informed that we are to stand trial as soon as I am well.”

“Yeah,” the Ranger replied.

For a while, silence reigned in the room. The two half-dragons looked at one another—Garkhen trying to read Almonihah’s expression, the Ranger silently struggling for words. Finally Almonihah just turned a left, leaving Garkhen to slowly shake his head and return to his broth.


Sorry for the short post–this has not been a good writing week.

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