Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 4-2

There was silence for a moment before Garkhen asked, Do you mean… I will wear this armor?

The shapechanged dragon nodded. Yes, for it will soon be time for you to depart. But before you don it, I will tell you something of the history of this armor. For this armor is nearly as old as the Races of Men, and it is given to you only as a stewardship, not a possession.

It was forged for the first of mingled blood to join our number, the first half-dragon Warder of Bahamut. He had proved himself time and again a valiant and mighty defender against the evils of Tiamat and her followers, but while he was great in strength and the power of Bahamut, he lacked the hardiness of his fully draconic allies. And so they, with he, wrought a great work—this armor.

The breaths of all breeds of dragons went into its forging, that it might turn them aside when they were used against its wearer. It was coated in platinum, in symbol of devotion to Bahamut, but its core is the finest adamantine, as hard as the scales of the most ancient of dragons. Into it were etched mighty runes of warding and protection, so that its bearer could stand against all evils.

It saw many battles in service of that first Warder, but since that time it has seen use rarely. Few have risen worthy of its legacy, and then it was, for a time, lost in dark places…

Solkh’Tolkharkha fell silent for a moment. Garkhen looked with growing awe on the ancient armor, scarcely believing that he might be found worthy of such a precious treasure.

Then the shapechanged dragon continued, But I put an end to that. For many decades I have had it here, hidden, but I suspect there is little of chance in our present circumstances.

Even in human form, Solkh’Tolkharkha’s intense gaze seemed to bore into his young charge. And so I will entrust it to you, for you will likely need it in days to come.

It took Garkhen a little while to form a response. Days to come? He echoed.

Solkh’Tolkharkha nodded. Yes, it is time for you to leave the nest. There is war in the lands of Men, and not all is right there… He trailed off a moment before continuing, We will depart at first light on the morrow, to a place I have prepared for you. For this day, you had best prepare, and learn something of the use of this armor. Time and poor use have worn it down, but it still retains much of its power. Now be on your way, I have things to prepare, as well.


There, a bit of the history of Garkhen’s armor, including why he hardly ever lets it out of his sight.

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