Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 10-4

Garkhen sighed. “Yet somehow, I doubt they have ships.”

Almonihah grunted in acknowledgment, but said nothing. After a moment’s silence, Zakhin’Dakh screeched, I could fly more!

The half-bronze dragon patted his big friend on the flank. “Too far t’ fly, Zakhin’Dakh. You’d get so tired your wings’d fall off ‘nd we’d all drown.”

Zakhin’Dakh screeched in disappointment at this news. Garkhen gave the Ranger an odd look, wondering if he’d just got a glimpse of a sense of humor from the usually dour half-bronze dragon. But Almonihah’s stoic expression revealed no hint of mirth that the Warder could see.

They spent quite some time in the yard, chatting. At last a pair of elven guards, in company with a human and a dwarf carrying a couple of sacks, approached the small group.

“The council’s apologies, but their deliberations are taking… a considerable amount of time,” the dwarf announced. “While you wait, we have come with a meal.”

He and his human companion came up to the fence and lifted their sacks over it. Garkhen stood and walked over, accepting them with a quiet, “Thank you.”

“You’ll be informed as soon as the council has come to a decision, but…” the dwarf looked up at the sun, already on its way down, “I would not count on that being today. Will you need bedding for the night?”

“I would appreciate whatever you can provide,” Garkhen stated.

Almonihah shrugged. “Don’t need it. ‘nd Zakhin’Dakh’s fine with th’ ground, too.” The griffon nodded in agreement with a cheerful chirp.

“Right, well, we’ll see what we can scrounge up. Not exactly used to friendly visitors here, not least… ones so unusual,” the dwarf said, seeming a bit embarrassed. With that, he waved a farewell, and he and his companions went back to their business in the village.

The sacks held simple fare—some fruits and nuts from the village, and a fair-sized piece of meat that was enough to make Zakhin’Dakh content for the time being. After their meal, Almonihah stood up and started going through combat drills while Zakhin’Dakh watched. Garkhen was… less than enthused about this activity, but when none of the villagers seemed concerned by it, determined it was better than the restless pacing Almonihah sometimes resorted to while waiting, and settled down himself to watch and rest.

Near sunset, the same pair came with a couple sacks of ferns (“Sorry, the best we can do on short notice like this.”) for bedding, then left the three friends again. Garkhen arranged them as comfortably as he could in the small building after the sun finished setting. Zakhin’Dakh settled down in the grassy yard and soon fell asleep, and Almonihah propped himself up against a corner and shut his eyes.   


Yep, just a quiet, short section while I work on homework. 

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