Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 14-2

With just the two of them traveling together, Tirel had proven to be quite the talkative companion. While Garkhen did appreciate the company, a small part of him was uncomfortable with the constant conversation. He was more accustomed to reading quietly by himself, or listening to Solkh’Tolkharkha, or even just following orders.

“I suppose I should have figured that out,” The Wyre admitted, gazing off into the distance a bit. “Different than me and the Pack, of course.”

After a silent moment, Garkhen asked, “How so?”

“Well, I was in my teens when the first change happened,” Tirel explained, glancing back and catching the half-dragon’s blank look. “How much do you know about the Wyre, anyway?”

“Very little,” Garkhen admitted. “I have only read that they are blessed of Naishia with the ability to take an animal’s form.”

Tirel nodded. “Better than most, then. We get a lot of people thinking we’re were-beasts, monsters… I guess you could understand that bit, huh? Anyway, you’re not born a Wyre. Naishia picks you out when you’re ready, and all of a sudden… you change into an animal. It was a bit of a shock.”

He grinned at Garkhen, then continued, “Most places, you have to figure out what you’re supposed to do from there, but here in Ferdunan there’s the Pack. One of the other pack members found me pretty soon, taught me about what it meant to be a Wyre, gave me a new family…”

Tirel shrugged slightly. “And eventually, I ended up here.”

It was Garkhen’s turn to nod. “I see.” He paused a moment. “But it is different elsewhere?”

“Yeah, I haven’t heard of anywhere else that has a Pack. Anywhere else, you change, and you’re on your own. I have to admit,” Tirel grinned a bit again, “I’m glad for the Pack. I don’t know what I would’ve done on my own.”

For a little while they again traveled in silence, only the creaking of Garkhen’s armor and the sound of feet on stone breaking the music of wind and wilds. Then another question came to the half-dragon’s mind.

“Tirel, why are you in human form at present?”

“I don’t want to frighten anyone,” he answered immediately. “Showing up looking like a tiger-person probably wouldn’t help people already nervous about demons and undead. Not like in the army where they knew we were allies.”

Garkhen chuckled. “And so they will be nervous about the half-dragon instead, then?”

After a moment, Tirel laughed too. “I’m just so used to being the scary-looking one, I guess,” he said, still grinning. He focused for a moment, sprouting his fur and claws. “There, now we look like we belong together.”

Garkhen smiled back. “Thank you, Tirel.”

The Wyre seemed surprised by his thanks, then caught on. “Oh, right. You’re welcome.”

After another brief pause, Garkhen murmured, “But you are probably right about needing one of us to look less threatening once we approach a village.”


Info post! This is probably the most  you’ll hear about Wyre for quite a while.

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