Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 15-2

The Mage’s Guild Library was as massive as anticipated, with seemingly endless shelves filled with books from floor to ceiling, arranged in fanciful curves within a massive tower. Garkhen was clearly delighted to be in a library, as opposed to the dour Ranger, who looked at all of the books rather doubtfully. Zakhin’Dakh, again shrunken to a more indoor size, looked all about him with awe. He had no idea what these funny human things were, but there were a lot of them!

Garkhen immediately went to a desk, behind which a robed man was murmuring and waving a hand over a stack of books. He held up his other hand, palm out, at the approaching half-dragon, and Garkhen obediently waited for him to finish. With a final flourish of his hand, the books flew into the air, splitting up and floating across the library until they settled into empty places on shelves.

“Ah, our guests,” he said, looking the two half-dragons and griffon over. “I was informed you would be coming. I am Mage-Archivist Delanoche. What topic is it you wish to research?”

“We are looking for information about methods used to control the Madness-Touched,” Garkhen began.

“Indeed?” The Mage-Archivist interjected, looking surprised. “And why is this?”

“The artifact we are seeking to destroy seems to have been used for such,” the Warder explained. “We hope that by discovering something of its past, we might uncover clues as to how it might be destroyed.”

“Indeed,” Mage-Archivist Delanoche said again, though this time it was more an expression of understanding. “Information on chaos mages is usually restricted… however, you have permission to access whatever portion of our collection you require, and it seems you shall require what we have on the followers of Jivenesh. This way.”

He led the way through the shelves, weaving between them with the ease of long familiarity until he reached an unassuming door. He reached into a pocket on his robe and pulled out an elaborate key, which he inserted into the door’s lock. The Mage-Archivist turned the key first one way, then another, then back, before at last twisting it all the way around. Then he murmured something, tapped a spot on the door, and removed the key.

A section of the wall next to the door slid open, revealing a small, unlit room, with a table at the center and more bookshelves on each wall. “This is the relevant portion of the restricted section,” Mage-Archivist Delanoche stated. “All of you enter so I may close the door.”

He watched as the three friends walked in, then joined them. With a quiet word the wall slid shut behind them, while a crystal globe hanging from the ceiling suddenly lit up, illuminating the room.

“Now, then… chaos mages, chaos mages…” he murmured, going down the shelves. “Ah, here. This shelf has all the books we have on the subject.” He waved a hand at them. “I must observe all use of the restricted section, so do please begin quickly.”

Almonihah looked down at Garkhen with a hint of a frown, but the Warder was already making his way over to the shelves. He looked over the titles and shuddered slightly. “This will certainly not be the most pleasant of reading… let us hope it is worthwhile.” 


Now, who remembers that name, hm? And yes, of course the Mage’s Guild has a magical library.

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