Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 3-5

That’s quite the tale.” The Watch Captain sat back, pondering on what the two half-dragons had told him. Garkhen (and especially Almonihah) hadn’t told him everything about the amulet—just that it was a powerful and dangerous artifact—but they had told him everything else. “On the one hand, you have essentially admitted to murder in the city bounds. On the other hand, it was in self-defense, while in pursuit of stolen property that is, by your own admission, dangerous. The fact that Archivist Maritha backs you up on that last point is a point in your favor.”


He sighed. “To be honest, I should arrest you. Legally, you’d have to go to trial to have your names cleared of the death of those two men.”


Garkhen noted the number—did that mean the one he had struck had survived?


The Captain continued, “However, if this amulet is as dangerous as you’ve said, and it’s now in the hand of proven law-breakers… keeping you in jail instead of chasing after it would be detrimental to the city, or even all of Ferdunan. So let me ask you, what are you planning to do next in chasing down these thieves?”


Garkhen sighed. “Unfortunately, at this point I believe our hope lies with the mages. The artifact and its containment box are both powerful magical items, which they may well be able to detect.”


“’cept it was after telling them about ‘t that th’ robbers came,” Almonihah grumbled.


The half-blue dragon shook his head slightly. “We cannot assume there is a connection, and we have little other choice.”


“That does make my choice easier, though,” The Watch Captain interrupted, before the discussion could grow heated. “I won’t arrest you, but I will order the Watch to make certain you do not leave the walls of Elifort. If the time comes that you must leave to continue your mission before such a time that we can try your case properly, come speak with me. And with that, gentle…dragon-men, I will take my leave. I wish you well in your efforts to recover this amulet, and I will send word when circumstances change.”


“Thank you, Captain,” Garkhen said. Almonihah settled for a sullen nod as the Captain walked away. 


The Warder looked over at his friend. “This is about the best we could hope for, Almonihah.”


Almonihah growled. “’nd what about Zakhin’Dakh? ‘m just leaving him out there without him knowing what’s going on.”


“Ah.” Garkhen hadn’t thought much about the griffon since reaching the city. “I… suppose that could be a problem. Would it be possible to ask someone else to speak with him? Perhaps the Archivist might suggest someone with magical means of communication?”


If anything, the half-bronze dragon seemed more annoyed. “’nd so we’re just supposed t’ stay in th’ city. Like those people can order us around…”


“We are in their city, Almonihah, and that means we are subject to their laws.”


Almonihah snorted, but said nothing. Garkhen sighed again. “Let us go talk to Archivist Maritha.” 




Sorry this is late. I was distracted yesterday. 

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