Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 5-1

Chapter 5: Binding Up the Past

The power Bahamut has given me to heal is truly great, but as I have grown in experience I have learned to appreciate more the gift to heal hope. A man may live with his body broken and yet have hope, and that man may be a happy man, but one who is without hope is more destitute than the poorest beggar.

And in truth, one without hope cannot fully be healed. One who might easily have lived will often sicken and die without hope, for it seems the body can recognize the despair of the mind and heart.

To destroy hope is at least as grave a sin as is maiming the body, and it is against this sin I most firmly stand.

“This is Lieutenant Ailill,” Captain Telarnen said. The man indicated was an elf, dressed in a simple robe, but with an elaborate symbol—which Garkhen supposed was a symbol of Sephania—hanging on a silver chain about his neck. He had been checking some dressing on a wound as the pair had approached, but stood and turned to face his commander as they neared.

“Lieutenant, this is Private Garkhen ze’Darkhen’Sem’dor. He has requested to serve in the healer’s corp. Garkhen, Lieutenant Ailill will be your superior here.”

Lieutenant Ailill looked Garkhen up and down, then sniffed. “Not like that, he’s not.”

Before the half-dragon could respond, Captain Telarnen gave his subordinate a severe look. “Yes, Lieutenant. As he is, in armor.”

There was a brief moment of tension as they held one another’s gaze, then the elf nodded briefly. Captain Telarnen nodded as well, satisfied, then said, “Very well, then. Garkhen, you are now a Private in my company, under Lieutenant Ailill’s command. He will give you a brief introduction to your duties. You will listen, and you will obey his orders. Lieutenant, I will be expecting a report this evening.” And with that, he left Garkhen with his new superior.


Hmm…. yeah, it’s a post. I made up another name, or rather looked up Irish names on the internet and modified one slightly. Elven names are usually from Irish or Welsh bases on Draezoln, because I think they fit well.

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