Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 5-2

What do you actually know about healing.” The way Lieutenant Ailill spoke made his question more of a scornful statement of disbelief.

Garkhen took a moment to calm himself. It was clear the elf wished to anger him, and Garkhen was just as determined not to become angry.

“I have some skill in spell-prayers of healing…” he began.

“But no actual knowledge of it. Bah! Might as well be another bumbling child from some human village. But if the Captain says you are under my command, then I will make the best of you I can. Can you at least follow orders?”

“Yes, sir,” Garkhen replied, quietly.

Lieutenant Ailill snorted. “I suppose that will do. Then my first order is to go fetch the pot of water off the fire. I need to clean some bandages. Some of my patients are due to have theirs replaced.”


Short post because. Good night.

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