Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 11-5

Zakhin’Dakh… cooed as he shrunk down, fascinated by the change of perspective. Fun! He proclaimed in Great Eagle as he stopped shrinking, his shoulder now coming up only to Garkhen’s shoulder height.

“Now, then, let us go in, where we might discuss your issues in greater comfort,” the head wizard said, turning and walking towards the spires of the Mage’s Guild. The rest of the group followed, Zakhin’Dakh looking around excitedly at everything as they entered the building.

It was clear to Almonihah that this entryway was made for the express purpose of impressing visitors. Images flickered and moved in midair on either side of them, portraying scenes of mighty wizards calling storms, felling dragons, and generally showing off their arcane power. They walked through this display for far longer than seemed possible, until the half-dragon’s keen senses caught the trick.

“Getting tired ‘f walking down th’ same piece ‘f hallway,” he grumbled.

The spokeswizard glanced back at Almonihah, a faint grin on his face. “Why, whatever do you mean?”

“We get you’re powerful wizards,” Almonihah growled. “But teleporting us back ‘nd forth down this hall’s stupid.”

“Oh?” The wizard looked somewhat surprised for the briefest moment before he disguised it behind a smile. “Are you trained in the arcane arts?”

Almonihah snorted. “No.”

“I see.” The wizard considered a moment longer, then snapped his fingers. A staircase appeared not far down the hall from them. “Very well, then. Come along.”

The stairs spiraled upward a floor, exiting into an opulent hall. Their guide breezed through, waving off an attendant as he directed his guests towards a room off to the side. Within, another half-dozen wizards were waiting, seated around a long table.

The spokeswizard gave them a small bow. “Fellow archmagi, our guests have arrived. These are Almonihah, Ranger of Naishia, Garkhen, Warder of Bahamut, and Zakhin’Dakh.” He pointed to each in turn. Garkhen gave his own bow, Almonihah simply nodded, and Zakhin’Dakh was far too busy looking around at all the cool human stuff to notice.

The archmage at the head of the table waved for the group’s guide to sit along the side of the table, then looked at the three friends. “Come, you are our guests here. Please, sit. Even you, fine young griffon. You’ll find we’ve arranged something for you.”

The two half-dragons came and found seats that seemed designed just for them. For Zakhin’Dakh, there was a sort of… stool-platform. After examining it for a bit, the griffon jumped up on top of it, then settled back on his haunches, his head and shoulders poking up over the table.

“Now, then,” the head archmage said, “If you would explain your request, good sirs?”

Garkhen looked over at Almonihah, who gave a small nod. Garkhen pulled out the box holding the Amulet, and cracked it open. Several of the archmagi recoiled from it. Garkhen looked the group over and said, “This must be destroyed.”


Sometimes Garkhen can be straightforward. Occasionally.

Also, new Zakhin’Dakh art!

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