Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 10-1

Chapter 10: Against Fire and Death

“There are few things that can truly unite the disparate peoples and creeds of our world. Necromancy is one of them. The summoning of Infernals, another. That someone had done both made the many grievances of the Rebels seem small.”

“Yet blood shed and the anger of battle are not easily forgotten. Those were tense days, both because of the foes we faced… and the allies we had to rely upon. For the question always remained with us—who had done this?”

Across the battlefield, Garkhen could hear the sounds of combat dying. Clearly, the scene before him now was being repeated several times throughout the blasted landscape. The soldiers around him stared nervously at their counterparts a bowshot away. A few days ago, they had been the enemy. Were they still?

Then someone broke the silence. “Well, you at least look better than something with flaming red scales.”

A ripple of uneasy laughter cut through the tension, and soon the two groups of soldiers met. Their leaders shook hands, some jokes were shared, and then the call came to assemble back near the gates. Similar orders came to the Rebel forces, it seemed, for they marched back the way they came soon after Garkhen’s group turned southward.


So, on to the next chapter! And it’s late, so good night.

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