Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 9-5

Once he was satisfied no danger would immediately attack them, Almonihah turned back to his two friends. “Not going t’ pass out again, Garkhen?”

Garkhen shakily got to his feet. “No… I think I am well enough off,” he stated, though his voice seemed uncertain.

The half-bronze dragon walked over to Zakhin’Dakh. Are you okay?

The big griffon screeched quietly. I hurt everywhere.

Almonihah looked him over as Zakhin’Dakh also stood. “Nothing’s broken that I see,” he stated, patting the griffon lightly on a leg. “Just bruised.”

“We are… fortunate,” Garkhen stated as he carefully walked over to join them. “I doubt I could channel much healing power in my present state, and we are far from any aid.” He paused, then added more quietly, “I pray the ship survived.”

Almonihah nodded. “Well… got t’ find a way off this island,” he said, after another long moment of silence.

“Indeed,” Garkhen agreed. “And given the name of this place, I doubt any others we meet here will be friendly.”

“Pirates ‘ll have ships, though,” Almonihah replied. “Won’t want t’ let us use one, but they’ll have ’em.”

“Yes…” Garkhen trailed off, thinking.

“Better start walking,” Almonihah said, after waiting briefly for Garkhen to continue. “Don’t think we can do much here.”

Walking good now, Zakhin’Dakh added. Wings tired.

“Think we’re both grateful for your tired wings, Zakhin’Dakh,” Almonihah said as he led the way into the jungle.

Traveling through the dense underbrush of the jungle’s edge was slow going for the little group—particularly Zakhin’Dakh. Almonihah could only hope there wasn’t anything hostile nearby, for the massive griffon was making enough noise making his way though the vegetation to tell anyone for miles around they were there.

Well, perhaps that wasn’t true. The jungle was scarcely a quiet place. The calls of birds, monkeys, and stranger beasts filled the air, and the three friends were scarcely the only ones disturbing the underbrush (though most other movements nearby seemed to be going away from them). The Ranger paid close attention to the sights and sounds of their surroundings, thinking that he’d have to hunt for at least Garkhen here, given that they’d hardly packed for a jungle expedition. Hopefully Zakhin’Dakh could hunt for himself, though…

They fought their way through the jungle for hours. Finally they reached a clearing. Almonihah looked over at Garkhen, who was clearly fatigued.

“You stay here. Zakhin’Dakh ‘nd I ‘ll go hunt.”

Hungry! Zakhin’Dakh agreed.

Garkhen nodded, too tired to wish to speak much, and sat down on the trunk of a fallen tree while the other two took off.

They returned a while later with half of some sort of hoofed mammal. It was… sort of like a deer, and Zakhin’Dakh had enjoyed the half he’d eaten, so Almonihah figured it would do for himself and Garkhen. The griffon set the other half down as the two hunters landed. Almonihah set about starting a fire and cleaning and dressing the remaining… beast. He, at least, had a few useful things in his belt pouches, and he could cram some cooked meat in them after they’d eaten their fill. 


Yeah, sometimes even adventurers have to do boring things like get food. 😀

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