Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 4-5

Fly lower, Zakhin’Dakh. Let’s look for signs ‘f travel,” Almonihah said.


The griffon nodded and gently descended, flying in widening circles only a couple dozen feet in the air. He and Almonihah looked around, searching for any signs of humanoids passing through the area. Garkhen looked as well, but he didn’t have the skill in searching for tracks. Instead he kept watch in the distance, trying to see if anything large enough to be a person was moving nearby. 


They kept searching until nightfall. Garkhen marveled quietly at the big griffon’s stamina—they had stopped only to eat and drink, and otherwise Zakhin’Dakh had been in the air. He did seem quite tired now, yet he still seemed energetic underneath the fatigue. 


“Better not ‘f lied to us,” Almonihah grumbled as Garkhen finished setting up his tent.


The half-blue dragon gave the other half-dragon a quizzical look. He grunted.


“Easy for Maritha t’ be th’ one working with them.”


Garkhen sighed. “While certainly I cannot completely rule out the possibility, it seemed she was genuinely shocked by the existence of the artifact. And given our lack of progress today, I suspect we have little choice…”


“Getting tired ‘f little choice,” Almonihah growled. “May have t’ come up with another choice soon…”


“Garkhen? Do you hear me?” Maritha’s voice suddenly spoke from midair. 


All three of the companions looked about, though Garkhen and Almonihah quickly guessed that it was a magical message of some sort.


“I do, Archivist Maritha,” the Warder responded. 


“Good, good. Well, that’s where you are. We’ve been able to get a better idea of where your quarry is. If you’re there…” There was a brief pause. “You’ll need to go roughly north-northeast. It seems like they’re changing direction a bit—maybe going around something?”


Garkhen looked over at the other half-dragon. “That seems reasonable. Certainly there are many obstacles here to travel on foot.”


“That’s another thing,” Maritha added. “They’re moving fairly quickly. They may be mounted.”

Garkhen nodded. “I see. Thank you, Archivist.”


“I think that’s all, then. Good luck, you two.”


Zakhin’Dakh screeched, and Garkhen grinned. “Ah, three, Archivist.”




Just a short little bit here to keep things moving. It’s these connection bits I’m bad with. I have points planned out, but I sometimes struggle getting from one to the next.

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