Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 7-5

It was two more days before the healers released Garkhen to stand trial. Two long, slow days, with nothing for Almonihah to do but practice, keep track of Zakhin’Dakh, and attempt again to make conversation with Garkhen.

It wasn’t that Garkhen was unwilling to talk… it was just hard for him to keep up a conversation all by himself. Almonihah didn’t know why he couldn’t seem to talk with Garkhen… no, that was false. He had a pretty good idea of why. He didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t exactly been the friendliest to Garkhen, and now… well, he’d certainly proven that Almonihah had no reason to doubt him. And yet, he still struggled to be civil to him. There was absolutely no reason for it to be true, and yet it was. Of course, his irritation at this fact probably made it even harder than the deep-seated discomfort Garkhen’s blue scales brought him.

And so, his visits were brief, with only few words exchanged. Really, he spent more time with Zakhin’Dakh. The big griffon was (grudgingly) allowed to leave the city to hunt—mostly because no one really wanted to try to feed him, rightly guessing it would be an expensive proposition. He was probably even more bored than Almonihah in the city, though, since they wouldn’t let him wander around and look at all the funny human things. So he would go out and hunt, then come back and sit in the courtyard, and watch the funny looks the soldier-people gave him.

At last, the word came that the healers would allow Garkhen to stand trial. The Captain of the Guard came to see them shortly after the Warder had rejoined his friends.

“I’m glad to see you on your feet,” he said to Garkhen, “And not just because we need to get this business behind us. I still remember the part you had in the battle here, and I’d like to see your name cleared.”

“Now, given you’re both foreigners, you probably don’t know about how trials here work. There’s a judge, of course, and he’s the one who’ll decide if you’re innocent or guilty. Usually your accusers would face you in front of the judge and accuse you, but, well… we can’t even find next-of-kind for these fellows, which helps your case a lot. None of those left alive on the scene are… trustworthy enough in the eyes of the law to speak, which means another judge will take the place of the accuser.”

“You’ll both have the chance to speak your piece, as well as respond to the accuser. Once everyone’s said all they can, the judge will deliver his verdict. Understood?”

Almonihah nodded, curtly, while Garkhen said, “Yes, I understand.”

The Captain nodded back. “Then let’s get you to the court.” 


Apologies for the late, short post. I struggle at writing connective bits like this. 

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