Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 3-2

Garkhen nodded in understanding, looking at what was so hidden. There was a small podium, with a large book, bound and decorated with precious metals and gems. Without knowing why, he slowed, noting as he did that Solkh’Tolkharkha also approached respectfully… reverently, even. When they drew near the book, Garkhen noted that he could see no title on the book.

What is it? He asked, almost whispering.

Men call it by many names—perhaps because so few know of it, that those who do each name it for themselves before they learn of what others have called it. Perhaps the most common name their scholars have for it is “The Book of the Law of Bahamut”.

Garkhen was silent a moment, thinking this over. And what do dragons call it?

Solkh’Tolkharkha waved a hand slightly. Writing is an invention of Men. For most dragons, they do not think of such things. For those of us who do, it is enough to say it is The Book.

The young half-dragon frowned a little as he thought. Was this then not written by a dragon?

His transformed mentor shook his head. It was written by the first of mingled blood to join our number, back when the races of Men were young in this world and there were still many who remembered the voice of the Gods.

It took Garkhen a little while to take this in, then he inhaled sharply. Now the precaution of hiding it made sense. Is it still…

It has been well cared-for, by both mundane and magical means. Save for a… brief lapse in guardianship, which I… corrected. Solkh’Tolkharkha’s tone suggested it had not been a pleasant experience for whoever had been responsible for the lapse. It was made to be read, and read it you shall. I doubt you shall find that unpleasant.

Garkhen shook his head slightly, still awed by the history before him. Hesitantly he took the last few steps toward it, then looked back at his mentor. At his encouraging nod, the young half-dragon opened the book and began to read.

When first they looked on the emptiness of creation, they thought it not fit for it so to be. And so they gathered their powers and began to create…

It would be wise to rest now.

Garkhen was startled by his mentor’s voice, but recognized the patient tone. He had stayed up too late in the library again.

He opened his mouth to answer, and surprised himself with a yawn. Clearly he had been reading too long. Regretfully, he closed the book and made his way to the small side cavern he slept in.

The next morning Solkh’Tolkharkha awoke him at his usual time, which felt far too early this morning. To Garkhen’s disappointment, they did not go to the library after breakfast, but to a smaller chamber off the main portion of the lair. He had been here only a few times before, and knew this was where the gold dragon kept a few of Men’s weapons.

A Warder must always be prepared to fight in the defense of others, Solkh’Tolkharkha said, when they had both entered the room. A dragon would fight with claws and teeth, but for you, it would be wise to learn the use of tools of war. Choose whichever you wish, and we will begin.


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