Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 7-3

They soon reached a small square in what had clearly once been an affluent neighborhood. Here, a large group of people was gathered, many wearing robes. Garkhen recognized some of the symbols they wore—they were priests of the different gods of Men, and wizards of some power.

Captain Telarnen stood off to one side, and waved Garkhen over to him. Next to him stood a robed wizard, as the young half-dragon could discern from the markings on his robe.

“Mage-Commander, this is Private Garkhen ze’Darkhen’Sem’dor,” Telarnen said. “He is the last of our men who will be joining this operation.”

“Private,” the Mage-Commander gave him a bare nod. “If you will take your place there,” he waved at a spot between one of the Company’s wizards and a Priest of Mashano, “we will begin.”

Once Garkhen had taken his place, the Mage-Commander looked out over the group. “As you can see, we have gathered here a significant portion of Ferdunan’s magical might here. No doubt you suspect we are planning a master stroke to finally defeat the Rebels. You would be correct, though you likely do not suspect what our move shall be.”

“Captain… Telarnen, here, noticed with some of his men,” he hesitated and glanced almost imperceptibly at Telarnen, who nodded slightly, “A useful feature of the terrain here. The land on this side of the river is slightly higher than on the opposite bank. As such, were we to redirect the flow of the river, it would first overflow into the Rebel’s side of the city. We have, gathered here, the magical might to accomplish such a feat.”

“Now, this will not be simple,” he continued, talking over the sudden whispered conversations his words had started, “Which is why we have brought you here tonight. For the next several evenings, until I judge you prepared, we will practice our ritual. There can be no mistakes when we put it into practice, for any failure might well leave us exposed to a counterattack. Thus, if I find any of you disobeying my commands…”

The Mage-Commander somehow seemed to fix all of them with a steely glare. “Now, then, let us begin,” he said, after a moment.


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