Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 15-1

Chapter 15: Path of Trial

“We are all tried in different ways in our lives. For some, it is a life of poverty and hardship that tests them, that they may show who they are when there is nothing to hide behind. For others, it is sudden illness or other catastrophes. For still others… it is not hardship, but prosperity.”


“Wealth and power can be, in their fashion, just as much of a test as hardship. For in having power, beings often reveal who they truly are. I fear that this test is perhaps the most often failed by those who face it.”


The path was just as difficult as he had dreamed it would be. It meandered its way through the hills and into the mountains themselves, becoming steeper and harder as it went. At times it was hardly a path at all, just a slightly more worn area on a rocky outcropping. A few times Garkhen had to climb, digging his claws into crevices in the stone and hauling himself upward. 


Finally, after nearly two weeks of travel, he reached the canyon he had seen in his dream. It was late, and he was fatigued. Not knowing what might lie ahead, he decided to camp before continuing.


He slept fitfully that night, not quite dreaming yet feeling an urgency, as if something called him onward. But at the same time he felt almost as if something was seeking to hold him back. Whenever he tried to catch onto that thought, however, it slipped away.


Finally morning came. Garkhen arose, not feeling much more rested than when he had arrived. After preparing as best he could, he walked towards the back of the canyon, searching for the cave he had seen in his dream.


It did not take long to find. It yawned, impenetrably black even to his draconic eyes, at the back end of the canyon. Cautiously he approached it, looking around. His gaze fell on an inscription carved into the stone above. 


“There are no demons here, save those you bring in with you,” Garkhen read aloud. He considered the statement for a moment, then steeled himself. Whatever lay ahead, he had to face it.

He stepped into the cave. 




Hmmmmm, what might be going on here, eh? I suppose you’ll have to wait to find out! Bwahahahahahahaha! 

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