Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Book II Prologue


Garkhen’s soft chuckle contrasted sharply with Almonihah’s gruff narration. “Ah, yes. I do recall that being rather… an unpleasant meeting.”

Almonihah shrugged. “Meant it t’ be.”

Zakhin’Dakh screeched something. “Was my fault, Zakhin’Dakh,” Almonihah replied to him.

Garkhen grinned slightly, then turned to me. “I suspect you wish my story now, Mage-Archivist?”

I nodded. “Indeed I do.”

The blue-scaled half-dragon was quiet for a moment, lost in thought, before he began.

“As you have no doubt by now observed, half-dragons vary widely. I, unlike Almonihah, have no recollection of my earliest years, and must instead rely on the words of others…”

(Author’s note: As Garkhen is noticeably more verbal than his friend, I have much more material from him for his story. I’ve taken the liberty of including small quotes from him at the beginning of each chapter, as I found some things best said in his own words.)


A short bit from the frame story, here. I debated putting this before the last post, but decided it flows better this way.

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