Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 2-3

It took three days to prepare something that the Ranger druids deemed would be ‘safe enough’ for carrying the amulet. It was a deceptively plain wooden box, just large enough to fit the amulet and its chain. Despite its plain appearance, however, powerful magics were woven into the very fiber of the wood, and bound in runes carved into its inner surfaces. 


Almonihah had spent the time getting acquainted with the differences between the Southern and Northern Ranger Orders. There was less ground to cover here in the south, but he learned that the Rangers also had to patrol the waters, for Jivenesh’s madness would twist the creatures of the sea as well as those of the land. Yet for all that, they were much the same.


Zakhin’Dakh, for his part, enjoyed meeting new people, and impressing them with his intelligence and size. Almonihah found himself dragged in to provide translations for the curious more often than he would like… though he had to admit he was just a bit proud of how quickly his friend was learning. 


Garkhen, however, was ill at ease. He worried about how long he had carried the amulet, and what it meant. He aided in the construction of the carrying box, and asked the druids if they knew anything of it as he did, but they did not. This only increased his concern—how long had this chaos amulet existed, and what had it done? How was it related to what had happened in Ferdunan? And why was it attracting Javni’Tolkhrah?


It was clear even now that more of the Madness-Touched were attacking then normal, and that they were trying this place. The Ranger Commander (she never shared her name) showed no concern, but Garkhen could see the strain it was placing on the Rangers, and so he worked harder to help prepare to remove the artifact.


At last all was ready. Carefully, without touching it directly, they placed the amulet in its box. For a moment its swirling colors grew brighter, but then they dimmed, and Llitthos shut the box with a final prayer to Naishia.


“It will not last forever,” he said, carefully picking up the box and handing it to Almonihah. “But it should be enough.”


“Where will you go?” The Commander asked.


“I became acquainted with a few mages in Ferdunan,” Garkhen replied. “While they may not have the skill themselves to unravel this mystery, I trust them enough to begin with them, and they will likely at least know how we may begin.”


The Commander nodded. “Then may all the goodly gods be with you three. You’ll need the help.”




Another short post because of Beyond Earth. 😀


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