Chronicles of Draezoln

Tales of the world of Draezoln

Chapter 2-6

Nothing further attacked them that day, nor the day after. Soon enough they saw signs of civilization—farms and hamlets below them, though Zakhin’Dakh flew high enough not to disturb them.


“Ah… I feel I should ask,” Garkhen began, “How have you found yourselves… accepted?”


Almonihah snorted. “Depends. Mostly Zakhin’Dakh stays outside of towns ‘ways. ‘Self, ‘m used t’ the looks, ‘nd if they don’t want me…” he shrugged.


Garkhen nodded slightly. “I am, at least, known to some degree in this area of Ferdunan now, so we should be able to travel into the town together… though Zakhin’Dakh may still best stay outside.”


Said griffon screeched disappointedly, and Garkhen reached forward and patted his neck. “I suppose we simply need a greater reputation,” he suggested, with a hint of a grin. “Then they will be glad to see the great Zakhin’Dakh coming to town.”


Zakhin’Dakh’s screech this time was more cheerful, and Garkhen chuckled a bit. At first, he had not realized it, but he was learning quickly that the griffon was far too intelligent to be a simple beast—rather, he seemed his own person, particularly since Almonihah could apparently speak with him. A thought occurred to Garkhen: Was there not a spell-prayer for understanding languages? He recalled having once heard of it, though it was little used with the universal prevalence of the Common Tongue. Perhaps he might see if he could find it.


He had been lost in thought enough that Almonihah’s sudden words in the strange, bird-like language he spoke with Zakhin’Dakh startled him. Garkhen looked down and saw that they were descending, heading for a hill that had no signs of cultivation. They did indeed land where he had thought. 


“Zakhin’Dakh’ll meet us here when we’re done. Couple hours’ walk from here to that town you talked about.”


Garkhen nodded. “That is most likely prudent.” He looked about. “I believe I recognize the area. We need to go that way, do we not?”


Almonihah nodded. “Let’s go.”




Another short post, I know. I’ll try to do a longer one next week.

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